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Can Your Penis Shrink? Condoms For Small Penises; Penis Enlargement Horror Stories

Can Your Penis Shrink?

There’s nothing fun about getting older. I don’t care what those annoying people on TV news shows say about the joys of aging. This sux.

Most men have wondered, at one point or another, whether it’s possible for their penises to shrink. While this sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, unfortunately, this fear does have some truth to it. While it’s not really possible for penises to gradually shrink inch by inch, it’s true that due to age and lifestyle choices, your penis could potentially lose the ability to maintain a consistent level of tumescence.

You can check this out here. It’s actually a good, interesting piece. And there is some encouragement at the end. Although, like most articles of its kind, they fail to mention that a hot 25 year old does wonders for an erection, too. 

Condoms For Small Penises

I don’t know much about this so I’m only linking. 

The standard condom size has been set at 6.69 inches for some time now, but no longer. After studies have found that the average American man’s erect penis is about an inch shorter, at 5.57 inches, one U.S. company has lobbied the FDA to change its mandate on how long condoms should be.

Here’s the rest. 

Penis Enlargement Horror Stories

This one is scary, because a lot of men worry about their penis size. And some will even go to extremes, which could be dangerous. 

Disgraced Miami plastic surgeon Mark Schreiber pleaded guilty on Monday to two counts of practicing medicine without a license, which the Miami Herald reports were just the tip of an iceberg of horrific plastic surgery botch-jobs stretching back to 1988. One of the most terrifying anecdotes revealed in Schreiber’s trial was the story of a man who came to the doctor to help fix an already botched penis surgery, which Schreiber didn’t exactly help. 

You can read this one here. There is a first hand account of what happened to one patient’s penis. 

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