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Free Kindle Book on Amazon: "Camping in the Backyard Going Forward" by Anthony Zatti

I’m not exactly sure how this works. But a friend of mine is having a book released for free through Amazon and I wanted to give him a shout. The title is Camping in the Backyard Going Forward, and the author is Anthony Zatti.

Here’s his post on facebook, verbatim:

It’s now less than five hours until you can get a copy of my book, Camping in the Backyard Going Forward, from Amazon/Kindle for FREE. That’s right for FREE. You can get it for your Kindle or to read on your computer for FREE right after nidnight tonight. You only have a limited time to take advantagre of this promo offer by Amazon/Kindle Books/Anthony Anthony Zatti.

And here’s the Amazon link.

I don’t think I can get this one for free. I don’t own a Kindle and I’m not a Premium Kindle Member. I own Kobo and NextBook. But for those who own Kindles, I would imagine it’s worth your time to check out a free e-book and see if it’s for you. I do this all the time on Kobo and I’m usually happy with what I receive. I’m also planning to buy the book anyway as soon as I’m finished reading Merv Griffin’s new bio (Oy…what a tale of deceit).