Category: Call To Attack All Gay people; Peter Thiel’s Huge Trump Donation; Thousands March To Repeal Gay Marriage In France

Call To Attack All Gay people; Peter Thiel’s Huge Trump Donation; Thousands March To Repeal Gay Marriage In France

Call To Attack All Gay People

Every time I see something like this in the news, I remember that time I came across the blog of a woman indie author writing gay romance, and how she posted that now with gay marriage legal in the US there’s nothing else to write about. The tone suggested that was the last problem gay people will ever face.

Well, think again. Someone is giving out leaflets in Amsterdam that are calling on all religions to attack gay people.

It is unknown who is behind the leaflets. At least 20 reports have been filed with the authorities.
‘According to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, homosexuality is forbidden,’ the leaflet reads, before quoting Romans 26-28 that refers to men ‘burned in their lust toward one another’ who received ‘due penalty for the error.

You can read the rest here.

Peter Thiel’s Huge Trump Donation

Peter Thiel seems to be the gay guy that all the other gay guys hate these days. And here’s why…

Peter Thiel is not backing away from the Republican presidential candidate. Numerous  news organizations report the gay co-founder of PayPal is making a $1.25  (€1.39) million donation to Donald Trump’s campaign.

There’s a lot more here.

I know nothing about Peter Thiel and I’m not all that political. One of the main reasons why I loved Bernie Sanders in the primaries was because I felt comfortable with him with respect to LGBT rights. And, he’s a decent man. I don’t think Bernie’s decency can be disputed by anyone. But I do put these things in posts every so often for a distinct reason. I like to show that you can’t trust all the stereotypes about gay men, not even those of the political nature. It’s called diversity.

You don’t want to miss the comments with this one either.


Thousands March To Repeal Gay Marriage In France

Just because gay marriage becomes legal somewhere doesn’t mean that everyone wants it to remain legal. This is happening in France, but I have no doubt whatsoever that it could happen anywhere…even the US.

Thousands marched with the aim to repeal same-sex marriage in France.
It was legalized in 2013.
The protest, organized by Manif Pour Tous, wishes to put marriage equality back on the debate floor as France begins the campaign cycle for the presidential elections in May.

You can read more here, with photos of the protest. I’ll be following this one to see what happens.

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