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"Call Me By Your Name:" Insulting Gay Hype or Real Gay Romance; Church of England and Gay Clergy; Transgender Kids Join Girl Guides

“Call Me By Your Name:” Insulting Gay Hype or  Real Gay Romance

Admittedly, I don’t have enough information about the movie, Call Me By Your Name, to speak about it as thoroughly as I would like to in this post, however, I will be following up on this one. And I think that’s because I thought we had moved on from the Brokeback Mountain days, where straight people wrote about gays, straight actors played gays, and everyone but gay people exploited gays. However, for all I know, I might love this film and I’m really not making any statements. I’m just wondering.

Just the fact that Armie Hammer is playing gay makes me wonder. Colton Haynes couldn’t have played the part? Seriously?  

Again, I’m not certain about Call Me By Your Name, and that’s mainly because I haven’t read anything in the gay presses yet. I depend on them for information like this and so far all I can find on Call Me By Your Name is media hype like this over-written review…

It’s summer, and Elio is 17, so obviously that field is love and sex. Elio is handsome, a beanpole topped with a thicket of dark curls, so he’s got the interest of some French girls staying nearby. He’s interested in them too, but is not pulled to them in the same way that he’s drawn inextricably to Oliver, the 20-something grad student boarding at Elio’s family’s house while he works with Elio’s father.

That’s what makes me wonder. No young gay man is “pulled” to girls. I would imagine there are bisexuals who are, but not gay men. We’re interested in men. How do I know that? I know that because I was a young, horny gay teenager who couldn’t stop thinking about men. And the only reason I’m wondering is because this film is being aggressively promoted as a “gay” film.

Now, here’s a review written by a woman…

If it ends up with heavy-hitting competitors, all the better — but this swooningly lovely film from director Luca Guadagnino (“I Am Love”) is going to be tough to beat. I’d call it the next “Moonlight” or “Brokeback Mountain,” but that would entirely belie its entrancing and — really, could it be? — mostly upbeat tone.

That’s not the first reference I’ve seen to Brokeback Mountain either. So it appears that we’re all being flung back to the 2000s when gay marriage was still illegal in the US, and not all that much has changed…at least according to this woman reviewer. But that could be a misleading review. I don’t know.

If you do a simple search for Call Me By Your Name, you might get lucky like I did and find something from a gay POV. It’s not a review, it’s only a press release. But the people who left comments are gay men. Keep in mind they are talking about the book, not the movie.

One said this…

I have no problem with a book portraying love between two straight men but this one was pretty homophobic.

Another said this…

It’s nice to see that i’m not the only one. I totally hated the novel.All were fantastic reviews and people who loved the book, but i hated it.Aciman’s prose is fantastic but i didn’t liked the story or the characters at all.And i find incredibly annoying the praise Aciman’s got for being an straight man writing a gay novel.

And this one is the most interesting…

There’s nothing “gay” in the book. It’s about two straight men feeling sexual attraction for each other. The younger character make fun of gay people in the book. In the second part of the book they chase women together.

Those are all direct quotes from the comment section. They may or may not be accurate. I’m not forming any opinions yet. I’m only posting the facts as I’ve read them so far. I’m not even sure if it’s a real gay romance, you know, a gay romance with a happy ending where just once the gay characters live happily ever after.

I’ll follow up soon. Some are calling this a gay “classic.”

Church of England and Gay Clergy

I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I find this article pretty sad. That gay clergy have to live this way…still. Where’s the outrage? Where are the protests?

The Church of England is considering plans to ignore the sex lives of gay clergy.

Current rules state gay members must be celibate or change jobs.

The House of Bishops are considering today proposals to overhaul the system to become something like ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, so gay people would not be directly asked about their private lives.

There’s more here. And just why aren’t we screaming about this? We all know that being gay is not just about sex.

Transgender Kids Join Girl Guides

In more positive LGBT news, at least this is happening. I’d also like to add that when I post about these things I don’t think in terms of only gays in the US, I think in global terms that includes all LGBT people under the umbrella.

Transgender children as well as transgender women in the UK are finally allowed to join the Girl Guides.

Since its formation in 1910, the Girl Guide Association has strictly been a single-sex organisation.

However, moving with the times, the organisation has recently added new guidelines, opening its doors to new members who were ‘assigned male at birth’ but ‘self-identify’ as female.

There’s more here. Of course not everyone is thrilled about it, but that’s going to take some time just as it always has in the past when it comes to anything LGBT.

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