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Call for Submissions: Ravenous Romance Football Anthology

Below is a call for submissions from the ravenous romance blog. I’m not sure I’ll be in this book, but I was in last year’s football book and it sold well. Here’s the link, and below is the post. Lori Perkins is the editor, and I think she’s great to work with.

Call for M/M Football Stories
Last year’s Super Bowl anthology, TIGHTENDS, sold really well, and got great reviews, so we’re doing it again. We need stories for DOUBLE TEAM: M/M Football Erotica.You’ll never look at football the same way again! Our readers like multiple partners, so the more the merrier. Brings a new meaning to huddle!So think of high school football hunks (everyone has to be over 18), college trading, coaches, pro football, love amongst teammates and love between teammates. And I want to see a really hot story about half time!!! We could even do one about men who write those great Superbowl commercials! Be creative, please!As in all RR anthologies, we pay a $10 advance and a pro rata share of all royalties. We’re looking for stories of 2500-5000 words. Pass the call around! Send stories attached as word doc, with up to date bio (even if you think I have it) to Lori@ravenousromance.comDeadline is Jan. 10, 2011.

Lasting Love Anthology…

The Lasting Love anthology is coming along well. So well, I’ll be able to submit it earlier than I’d originally planned. And I have to admit that everyone who submitted did an excellent job. The writers worked hard and they produced some sexy, romantic short stories that I’ll never forget. I’ll post about some of the stories later, but in this post I wanted to thank everyone who submitted. Each and every submission was fantastic!!

I only wish I’d been able to include more submissions, because so many people took the time and effort to produce such great work. But the problem with any anthology or collection is that there’s a word count, and some things have to be rejected. That’s the part I hate; having to tell a writer I couldn’t include something because too many people submitted stories and I had to decide which fit best with the title.

So when I write back, and I will write each and every writer who submitted to Lasting Love, and say that the rejection was based on a subjective, unbiased opinion, I hope they understand. Rejections like these are not personal; if an editor could include all the stories submitted, he or she would; but that’s not possible or practical. As a writer, I’ve had many of these rejections myself in the past so I know the feeling.

But I wanted to thank everyone who did submit. There’s a lot of talent out there and I hope these wonderful writers from all over the world continue to submit more work to ravenous romance in the future.

Call for Submissions…LASTING LOVE

Lasting Love

Editor: Ryan Field


Deadline: February 14, 2009

Romance author Ryan Field is editing an anthology titled, “Lasting Love,” for that deals with couples who have been together a long time. Looking for short stories, or essays, that range from 2,000 – 5,000 words, about couples who have lasted. This could include married couples, or unmarried couples; just as long as they have been together for more than five years. Ages could range from couples who were high school sweethearts, now in their mid-twenties, to couples in their early fifties. This is mainly hetero, but a few same sex couple stories will be considered. The hotter the better, but the storyline and quality of writing has to be strong, and the characters have to be well developed and believable.
The romantic aspects of this are unlimited, and it’s a chance to write about a topic that offers many creative possibilities.

Submission deadline is February 14, 2009. E-mail your completed stories to in MS Word format. Include all contact info on the first page of the ms, including pen name and real name. Payment: A pro rata share of a 38% e-book, 15% audiobook, and 50% subsidiary rights royalty. And an advance of 10.00.

About the Editor: Ryan Field is a 35 year old freelance writer who lives and works in both New Hope, PA and Los Angeles, CA. His work has appeared in many books and anthologies over the past fifteen years, published by Cleis Press, STARbooks Press, Alyson Books, and others including well known print magazines and e-books.