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20 Questions For Gay Couples

This made me smile.

Imagine for a moment that you have a life-changing dream. In this dream, you and your partner are the protagonists in a remake of Charles Dickens’ timeless novella, A Christmas Carol.

I don’t have to imagine it. I actually wrote the book a few years ago. My readers will know it’s a Christmas parody with the title, A Christmas Carl It’s in paperback and e-book on Amazon and other fine places where books are sold. Actually, I did several gay parodies like this with other famous hetero story lines. And I took the slams for it, too (see below).

All kidding aside, I love my readers and this book sold very well for the genre and for me. And I’m thankful for that and thankful to my readers. And I got the chance to do it when I never thought anyone would let me do it. So I’m thankful to my publisher and agent for that, too. 

In any event, here’s more about these 20 questions for gay couples. 

I’m not going to excerpt the article because I don’t see what’s all that significant about it. Speaking from experience, it’s the same things gay people in relationships have been asking each other for years. It’s also the same things straight people ask. I’m not sure I get the point.

Just one thing, though. Don’t ask these questions too soon. They might think you’re too needy and run the other way. Give it some time.

Asbro Demon Was Secretly Gay

It sounds as if this “demon child” who evidently terrorized a community in England is now claiming that he did this because he was secretly gay. Or, at least partly. I’m not sure…again.

‘I knew I was gay but didn’t want to be. I was a criminal and didn’t want to be,’ he told The Sun.

‘Being gay wasn’t something I could share with my brother Ricky, who is currently behind bars, so I kept it to myself.

‘Dad would have hated me if he knew, so at 14 I tried to kill myself because the secret was torture. When you’re a thug on a council estate, being gay isn’t an option. I was living a lie.’

Here’s the rest.

Millions of other gay people and I were in the same position as this guy at one time. We all lived a lie, we all didn’t want to be gay, and we all couldn’t come out for various reasons. We all experienced the same issues in that respect that this guy did. Some worse than others. And we didn’t become criminals. However, there are, indeed, *gay* criminals. I’ve known a few of them myself.

It does sound as if he’s turned his life around, so that’s good. 

There’s a similar article here, but this one has comments. And those comments are all over the place.

Caitlyn Jenner Settles Accident Suit

Jenner rear-ended two cars on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu on 7 February when she steered to avoid cars slowing at a traffic light. Kim Howe, 69, was pushed into oncoming traffic and killed.

Investigators determined that Jenner was driving at an unsafe speed but prosecutors did not file a vehicular manslaughter charge against her.

The rest is here. Jenner claims she doesn’t remember anything, but also claims she does, in fact, remember going under the speed limit.


Now, if you’re thinking of writing a gay parody, beware. It might not be received as well as you thought it would be.  Even if the story line…Pygmalion…has been done a million times, you’re going to get criticism (and gaysplaining) like you’ve never had it before. Just trust me on this one 🙂

My Fair Laddie

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