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Alleged: Twitter Troll Arrested For Causing Seizure; Stomped On His Rainbow Flag; Gay Revenge Porn

Alleged: Twitter Troll Arrested For Causing Seizure

I think this case is going to be interesting to follow, especially if you’re on social media often. I’ve been on Twitter daily since 2009. It’s my preferred social media outlet. The one thing I’ve noticed in all these years, in a general sense, is that what defines a troll is often questionable. In other words, I’ve seen people cry butthurt and call people troll for very flimsy reasons. For not being PC enough, or for “offending” them. For disagreeing with their politics. Thick skin on Twitter is a rarity.

With that said, this case is about an alleged journalist who was so offended by something that happened on Twitter it sparked an epileptic seizure. He obviously pressed charges and the alleged Twitter troll was arrested. The alleged victim, Kurt Eichenwald, appears to be a senior citizen, too.

“What [this person] did with his Twitter message was no different from someone sending a bomb in the mail or sending an envelope filled with Anthrax spores,” Lieberman says. “It wasn’t the content of the communication that was intended to persuade somebody or make them feel badly about themselves; This was an electronic communication that was designed to have a physical effect.”

It’s interesting. I’ll be following this one closely to see the outcome. But right now, as it stands, in a general sense, we all need to proceed with caution on social media. There are many delicate people out there.  

Here’s the rest.

Stomped On His Rainbow Flag

Why anyone would want to do something like this makes me wonder.  I don’t get this mindset, especially when people do this to the US flag. What kind of person does this?

This time it happened with the rainbow flag…

The man, who has not yet been identified, entered the office of Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA). The man told staff members that the rainbow flag is “immoral” and “disgusting,” especially since the rainbow flag was being displayed near that American flag, Lowenthal said.

He then grabbed the flag, threw it on the ground, and repeatedly stepped on it.

There’s more here.

Gay Revenge Porn

This is enough to make you think twice.

It all started when his ex posted one of their x-rated videos on Facebook, then tagged all the victim’s friends and family members, including his mother.

“The phone started going nuts,” the victim, speaking under anonymity, explains. “My friends were calling and asking if I was aware about what was going on. … The worst was when my mother called up and told me she didn’t need to see me having sex.” 

Evidently, you can’t trust anyone.

Here’s the piece in full. You do know that you don’t have to do that. You don’t have to take photos of yourself having sex. It’s not a requirement.

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Latest SCOTUS Ruling; 10 Things For GAYS Only; Queen Elizabeth and Grindr

Latest SCOTUS Ruling

As of yesterday, many more gay couples can marry in the US. SCOTUS turned down appeals filed in five states designed to keep marriage bans in place so gay marriage would remain illegal. I think this is it, at least in these states, as far as appeals go. Here’s another explanation, below. It gets confusing because we’re not talking about legalizing gay marriage as much as we are talking about making marriage bans illegal…or unconstitutional.

By rejecting the appeals in these cases, the court left intact lower-court rulings that ruled same-sex marriage bans were unconstitutional.

If you remember, this is the argument I think every single judge used against marriage bans in states like Pennsylvania…they are unconstitutional.

This ruling also leaves states that have marriage bans in place very little choice.

From the SCOTUS blog:

Practically, today SCOTUS recognized a right to SSM. Implausible that later it will undo marriages, absent a big change in Ct’s membership.

In the comment thread to this link it’s mentioned that Colorado’s AG conceded and now there are six states where the marriage ban has been lifted. I read somewhere last night there are even more, so this is all pending.

10 Things For GAYS Only

I think this list of ten things that only gay men understand could be questioned by some, and others/most would agree wholeheartedly. For instance, and this is not on the list, I find one particular book blog has become absolutely insulting in its quest to break down and tear apart gay men in gay fiction as if we were lab rats. They are not gay, and would not be allowed to do this with any other minority, and yet they continue to do it to gay men. It’s called homophobia no matter how you spin it. If I were to mention it and link to this blog I would only be feeding the trolls, so to speak, and I’m not fond of clichés.

In any event, this is listed as number ten on the list of things only gay men understand:

 Everyone know that gay bars are superior to straight bars. The guys are cuter. The music is better. And the drinks are stronger. So we completely understand why straight girls are drawn to them. But, ladies, if you’re reading, let’s just get one thing straight: You’re welcome to hang out in our space, but don’t expect us to fulfill your personal Sex-and-the-City/Will-&-Grace/gay best friend bullshit fantasy. Stay off the tables. Keep the squealing to a minimum. And please, for the love of Jesus, don’t make out with each other in front of us.

This one kills me because it’s something we’ve laughed about with friends:

While bromances between straight dudes and gay guys may be on the rise, sometimes it can still be a little awkward when a straight guy offers a fist bump and says, “What’s up, bro?” A period of uncomfortable silence typically ensues as the gay man wonders what to do next and the straight man realizes he’s just mistaken a gay guy for a heterosexual.

Tony and I sometimes look at each other when straight guys do this and wonder WTF. Sometimes we say it aloud.

You can read the rest here.

Queen Elizabeth and Grindr

This article mentions how hook up site, Grindr, is indirectly causing issues for Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen’s not actually on Grindr herself, and I highly doubt she’s even familiar with the term. However, the Queen is not the only queen living at the royal palace, not by any means.

Well Buckingham Palace police say the situation is out of control. Gay employees living on site at St. James Palace and the Royal Mews have been signing in Grindr dates on the regular to enter their private residences. That means they’re just a hop, skip and a jump away from Her Majesty.

“There are real and serious security concerns at Buckingham Palace about members of staff use of dating apps,” a security source told the Daily Mail.

“The palace police are particularly unhappy about the number of guests of servants staying overnight, especially when they may have only just met.”

You can read the rest here. Don’t miss the comment section.

Cage James by Ryan Field

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FREE Gay Excerpt; Gay Dancing on TV; Gay Twins Come out; Gay Bath Houses Going Extinct; Cage James by Ryan Field

Gay Dancing on TV

This is interesting to me because I’m in the middle of working on a book where the topic of country western music comes up. In short, the characters talk about how there have never been any gay songs in any genre (not just country western), especially gay love songs. So my main character decides to parody the most popular country western songs by replacing feminine names and pronouns with masculine. Why not? It’s parody, it’s something gay people can enjoy for a change, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have our own music, too. If a song can be titled “When a Man Loves a Woman,” it can also be titled, “When a Man Loves a Man.” I know how hard Steve Grand has worked to raise money and promote his brand of gay country music. But not one big record company as far as I know has offered to take him on and fund him.

I do, however, think this will change and we will be listening to more gay music…where gay singers actually sing about loving men, not women…or the same for gay women singing love songs.

In any event, this article discusses a gay dance scene on the TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. It’s allegedly the first gay dance routine in all the years this show has been on the air. Is it the first time a gay guy has danced? I highly doubt that. It’s just the first time two gay men have danced together.

 Although nothing was said about it on the air, Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday (27 August) featured what is believed to be the first romantic same-sex routines in its 11-year history.

You can read the rest here, with images.

Gay Twins Come Out

This article talks about the gay gene and how being gay runs in families. I tend to agree with that. I have a gay brother and at least one gay nephew that I know about as if right now. I have a feeling there are more.

In any event, there is another set of twins making headlines lately, and mainly because they’re gay twins.

The adorable 21-year-old Monastero (fraternal) twins are the latest gay twins to pop on our radar, appearing together in their very first YouTube video to explain how they came out to one another.
In it, they say that even though they knew they were gay at age four, they only got around to telling each other this year.
If you think that sounds a little unbelievable, think again. I didn’t know my brother was gay until the night I bumped into him in a gay nightclub about a year before I met Tony. We were both in our early twenties. Didn’t have a clue until that night.
You can read the rest of the article here, where there are photos of these guys.

Gay Bath Houses Going Extinct

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never actually been to a bathhouse, but I’ve always been curious about them. I think they were the most popular a generation before me, back in the 1960’s and 70’s. I’ve always heard stories from older friends about how they used to go listen to Bette Midler singing in the gay bathhouses in New York before her career took off…the same for Barry Manilow. I think there are other entertainers of that generation who also got started in the bigger bathhouses.

But I digress. This article is talking about gay bathhouses becoming extinct. It’s interesting to post this right after a post about two gay men dancing on TV, because it shows how the times are changing. I’m not sure gay bathhouses will ever become completely extinct in our lifetimes, but at one time gay bars and bathhouses were the only places men could go to meet other men like themselves. It wasn’t always just about the sex, at least that’s what I’ve been told anyway.

Giovanni’s Room might be in the clear, but another group of gay institutions is in serious trouble. More and more bathhouses are switching off their “Open 24 Hours” signs and closing their steam room doors for good.

“The acceptance of gays has changed the whole world,” 75-year-old Dennis Holding, who own a small bathhouse Miami told the AP. “It’s taken away the need to sneak into back-alley places … Bathhouses were like dirty bookstores and parks: a venue to meet people. Today, you can go to the supermarket.”

He’s right about that. Last evening Tony and I stopped at the supermarket to pick up a prescription for the dog. I waited up front in the car while he went in. And while I waited there were more gay men coming and going than I could count. How did I know? Trust me, they let me know.

You can read more here.

FREE Gay Excerpt: Cage James by Ryan Field

Here’s a free excerpt from Cage James. I’m posting the g-rated parts here on google blogger, but you’ll have to click the link to go to my Word Press blog to finish the excerpt because it’s NSFW. Once again, these excerpts are in raw version, and subject to edits. You can purchase the book here, on Amazon. Or other places where e-books are sold, like Smashwords and

Rick noticed the short black robe and said, “This is where you live?”

Cage stepped aside and said, “Home sweet home, man.  Come in and I’ll show you around.”

Rick stepped into the main hall and looked around slowly.  The floors were black and white marble, the white walls covered with antique paintings in gilded frames, and the chandelier had crystals in some places the size of dessert plates.  It was probably the most formal part of the house, other than the grand ballroom.

Cage tightened the bathrobe and said, “Sorry I didn’t get a chance to get dressed.  I just took a shower and I didn’t want you to wait too long.”  He was starting to get those intense urges he always got around big strong men like Rick.  He walked over to him slowly and ran his fingertips up and down Rick’s bicep.  “Can I get you anything?”

Rick turned and smiled.  “How about the money?”

Cage squeezed his bicep this time and said, “I told you I can give you some tonight, and I’ll get you the rest very soon.  I’m getting married and I’ll have all the money I want then.”

Rick reached out and ran his large hand across a marble top console to his right.  “You’re getting married?”

Cage shrugged.  “I might as well.  Guys like me don’t have that many choices.”  He’d once met a woman who told him he had many options.  He’d been sleeping with her husband on the down low for money and she’d found his address at the time in her husband’s coat pocket. Cage laughed in her face, mentioned her husband had a nice dick, and told her he had as many options as she did.  Last he’d heard, she was still married to the cheating prick and the cheating prick was screwing around with another young guy.

Rick looked at Cage’s legs and said, “Are we alone now?”

You can read the rest of it here…

Daily Gay Sex, Gay Organ Donors; George Takei’s Crowdfunding; Gay Dad on Robin Williams; Cage James by Ryan Field

Daily Gay Sex

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes something like this. Mischa Badasyan claims he’s about to have gay sex every day for the next year in an attempt to create something artistic. He’s from Berlin but was born in Russia. This, however, is the most interesting/confusing part. He’s planning to find this daily gay sex in public…like supermarkets and highways in order to turn these destinations into places of “human connection.” Like that hasn’t been done before.

By using hook-up apps and sites like GayRomeo, Gaydar, Scruff and Grindr, he claims he wishes to turn ‘non-spaces’ such as supermarkets and motorways into places of human connection by having sex in them.

Frankly, I don’t want to sound glib here, but this isn’t something new. Maybe it’s new to HIM, but I had several friends who once spent an entire year riding up and down the east coast along the 95 corridor having sex in public places like rest stops and supermarkets just for fun, and this was long before there were even apps like Grindr. They did it for fun, in a discreet way, not to publicize it and call it art.

An HIV association is supplying this guy with condoms.

You can read more here, where there’s a photo of him and some of the most entertaining comments I’ve seen in a long time.

Side note: discreet, subtle cruising this way is nothing new. If you want to call it art, fine. But don’t make it sound as if this hasn’t been done before by millions of gay men, with discretion. In fact, there was a time when this sort of hooking up was the ONLY way to meet other gay men…unfortunately. I know more than a few gay men who’ve hooked up in K-Mart, or supermarkets, or at malls, and they didn’t think they were turning them into a places of human connection. They just thought they were getting some.

Gay Organ Donors

This just blew me away when I read it yesterday. Mainly because I’ve always believed in organ donation and I’ve always been an organ donor and I never knew this. But it turns out that a gay teen who died and donated his eye was rejected because he was openly gay.

A Food and Drug Administration policy, which prohibits men who have sex with men from donating tissue, barred Betts from fulfilling one of his final wishes.

They did, however, accept his other organs. Evidently, this has something to do with whether or not a gay man has had sex within the last five years. It’s a dated law that goes back to the early days of AIDS. The boy’s mother couldn’t say whether or not the teen had had sex in the last five years, so I guess they took a chance on his other organs? I’m not really sure, but I did do a search on the general topic and found this piece.

CDC guidelines say “men who have had sex with another man in the preceding 5 years” should be excluded from donation of organs or tissues unless “the risk to the recipient of not performing the transplant is deemed to be greater than the risk of HIV transmission and disease.”

The organ donation policy is like the one for blood donation. The FDA policy, banning man who have had sex with men from being donors, was put in place during the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s. But there’s growing opposition, including from the American Medical Association.

There’s more about that here. According to one comment, all organs now are tested and screened from everyone and the policy is dated and discriminatory.

The reason why they wouldn’t take the gay teen’s eye isn’t totally clear, but has something to do with not taking certain tissue donations. This article put it this way:

Because Moore could not confirm whether her son had been sexually active or not, the donor network had to assume he had been sexually active in the last five years, thereby ineligible to donate tissue or his eyes.

The exclusion is not limited to certain tissue donations. Gay men are also banned for life from donating blood. It’s a regulation that many say needs to be updated.

More here.

The bittersweet ending to all this is that someone did receive the deceased teen’s heart.

Now you see why I rant when James Franco mocks us and exploits us for his own personal gain.

George Takei’s Crowdfunding

For those reading this blog you most likely know that I’ve always been on the fence about crowdfunding. There’s too much room for fraud and I’m not too fond of the honor system.

In this case, it seems legitimate, though. A boy scout who is over 18 is trying to put together a series that talks about the boy scouts in a positive way (I think) and he’s raised $100,000 thanks to a little help from George Takei. George Takei was moved by this because of boy scout anti-gay laws and the fact that this teen who is over 18 is not allowed to be a boy scout anymore.

Simon is making a web series called Camp Abercorn which confronts the BSA’s discriminatory policies by telling authentic stories about scout camping.

He successfully raised the $100,000 needed to produce the series by crowdfunding via IndieGoGo and got a big boost in the final days of the effort from Star Trek icon George Takei.

The concept of this series is wonderful. And maybe this is a wonderful way to use crowdfunding. I just hope we don’t see this kid putting a down payment on a new house as well.

There’s more about George Takei here.

Gay Dad on Robin Williams

Here’s a link to a heartwarming tribute about Robin Williams that was written by a gay dad. So many of us have been gutted by the news of Williams’ death we’ve been searching for ways to process it. I think this is an excellent example, and one of the best tributes I’ve read so far.

My first recollection of Robin Williams as a dad was in The World According to Garp. It was in this first venture in which he depicted the true complexity of modern fatherhood. Garp was a dedicated dad, but he was tragically imperfect. He had failure, guilt and resurrection. His story was strange and atypical, yet the spirit of what many good men, and good fathers felt was true.

Even monumental roles where Williams did not literally play a father still spoke unflinchingly to the behavior of fathering. From Aladdin to Good Will Hunting, Williams embodied the influential fathering figure inspiring a young man to be himself. In Dead Poets Society, he inspired boys whose actual fathers had emotionally abandoned them. William’s character taught them to not only ‘seize the day’ but to look at life from different angles.

You can take the time to read more here. You won’t regret it.
Cage James

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Channing Tatum Gay Baiting? Adam Joseph Gay Weatherman; Dan Osborne’s Bulge

Channing Tatum Gay Baiting?

Whether you prefer to call it gay baiting or queer baiting it’s all basically the same thing. It’s when they take two straight guys and put them in homoerotic situations, but never actually follow through with anything gay. The most interesting part about this, for me anyway, is that it actually does boost attention and interest. And when it happens on TV it usually boosts ratings for TV shows that would otherwise tank hugely.

In this link about Channing Tatum and Bear Grylls working together on Grylls’ TV show, Running Wild with Bear Grylls, they make some interesting comments about previous shows.

Bear Grylls is bound to have the highest ratings in primetime if he keeps this up.

The 40-year-old adventure show host made love to America’s television sets two weeks ago when he convinced Zac Efron to remove his shirt before strapping their half-naked bodies together. The pair rappelled down a jagged cliff into a body of water for some of the most homoerotic Sean Cody-esque programming we’ve ever seen.

Sean Cody produces adult all male entertainment films. You can find out more about that with a simple search.

Is this kind of entertainment exploitation? I’m not sure yet because I haven’t seen the show (I will). I know a lot of you are probably thinking I’m talking about something harmless now. Or, I’m being too sensitive. But I also know we’re not supposed to race bait, and I agree with that. And if I were a straight actor nowadays I’d watch out for this kind of trap. It just might stick with you. Oh, it’s funny and amusing to see “that gay shit” and some will be entertained and others will be quietly turned on. But at what expense down the line?

You can read more here.

Adam Joseph Gay Weatherman

When I spotted this story on social media this week I wasn’t going to post about it because I thought it was too localized to the Philadelphia region where I live. But now that I can link to it on a global level I think many will find it interesting. I also think the back story about Adam Joseph as a gay man is mentionable.

First, the Philadelphia local news market is a very family orientated business in the sense that most of us who’ve lived here and grown up here for most of our lives think of local news personalities as friends…or at least comfort zones. You don’t normally see local news personalities coming and going around here. When they get a job at a TV station they usually stick with it for life.

And openly gay weatherman, Adam Joseph, is one of them. He’s been doing the local weather report for an ABC affiliate station for as long as I can recall. Before him, I could tell you who did the weather, too. They really do stick with these jobs for life. In any event, Joseph recently came out in public, with a story about his husband and his newborn baby. For those of us who live in the Philadelphia area and who are gay, this wasn’t a huge surprise. The baby was, but not the gay part. 

Adam Joseph, the hunky meteorologist at 6ABC in Philadelphia, has grown his fan base by tenfold this week after coming out as a partnered gay man and beaming new father in one adorable Facebook post.

Reporting live from the hospital where they first held their newborn baby boy, Joseph says the couple is “ready to spoil him with unconditional love”:
As I said, this was no surprise to people who are gay in the Philadelphia region. You can read more here. I could post links that talk about Joseph being gay prior to his announcement. I’ve seen a few snarky articles. But I won’t because it doesn’t really matter now. I’m glad he came out and I hope he and his family live happily ever after.

In a way, I find this a little bittersweet, especially since so much is changing. We all knew it but wouldn’t say it aloud. I even feel guilty mentioning the earlier forum links and I know intellectually I shouldn’t feel that way. But when you’re raised to believe gay and shame are synonymous it’s a difficult habit to break…even for me.

Dan Osborne’s Bulge
In a much lighter story, this link will take you to Dan Osborne’s bulge. Or maybe it’s his VPL…his visible penis line. I’m never sure these days anymore. All I know is there’s a photo of him and his junk is ready to fall out of his pants.
British reality hunk Dan Osborne attended the premiere of The Expendables 3 in London Monday night, where he decided to walk the red carpet with a massive and obvious bulge, an entity large enough to qualify as his +1.
The photos below were shared on Twitter by an Irish fan last night, and then dutifully reported by our friends at Attitude. Next month, Dan will join them as the magazine’s new official fitness guru.
You can read more here, and see what has so many people talking. Maybe there’s a thing called Penis Baiting (smile).
 Cage James
By Ryan Field

NY Face Slashing; Target Fights For Marriage; James Franco Queerbaiting; Gay Marriage Cases; Cage James by Ryan Field

NY Face Slashing

When a young woman heard her friend being called gay slurs she came to her friend’s defense and wound up getting her face slashed by a homeless man who thought he was being followed by “homosexuals.”

Luckily at that moment an off-duty police officer was exiting a nearby subway station and gave chase after Brison who was nabbed five blocks away with the help of on-duty officers.

Brison later told police that he had ‘got the lesbians that were following him.’ The woman was rushed to Bellevue Hospital Center where her wound required over 60 stitches.

She now fears she will be permanently disfigured.

She’ll probably require cosmetic reconstructive surgery. I have a friend who was scared by a dog that way once.

I wish I could be more forgiving and loving with this one, but I hope they lock the asshole up who slashed her face and throw away the key for good.

You can read more here.

Target Fights For Marriage

The mega-store, Target, recently joined in the fight to legalize same sex marriage in Wisconsin.

Among other comments, Executive Vice-President, Jodee Kozlak, made this statement:

 ‘At Target, we are committed to creating an environment where team members and guests feel welcome, valued and respected.’

‘You may have heard us talk about our long-standing commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Those aren’t just words.’

I think it’s significant when large corporations start doing this because it leads to more positive feelings, and it validates a lot of the polls that keep saying same sex marriage is getting more approval in the mainstream. It also helps bring more gay people out of the closet and into the mainstream because it creates a comfort zone in a huge public place. I’m sure many of you know what I mean by that. Other’s won’t get it. But a lot of you will.

You can read more here.

James Franco Queerbaiting Again?

We knew it would happen. It seems to be inevitable with James Franco, and these subtle forms of queerbaiting. Only this time it’s not Franco who is doing the queerbaiting. This time it sounds as if the press is baiting Franco about being queer in an innocent article that is based on what’s between the lines, not cold hard facts.

I can’t help wondering why this queerbaiting angle always keeps popping up with James Franco, in one form or another. Could it all be just coincidence? Or was the Gawker piece done on purpose to prove a point? We’ll never really know for sure, and it’s futile to try to assume things we don’t know.

In any event, Franco directed actor, Scott Haze, in some new film, Child of God.  Gawker drew a few conclusions and insinuated Franco and Haze are having some kind of creepy closeted relationship…but showing off at the same time because they’re allegedly sharing digs in Brooklyn this summer. It really is all based on speculation, but it’s by no means harmful to anyone…unless, of course, a person thinks there’s something wrong with being called gay. I’m sure a lot of you get where I’m going with that thought. Should it matter one way or the other? Should it require a snarky reply?

The way in which Franco responds to these harmless allegations is priceless. And I say harmless because, you know, Franco’s such a huge fan of the LGBTI community, and he’s been examining all things gay so closely, he would never be insulted if anyone accidentally said he was gay…or drew conclusions without solid facts.

Franco got wind of Gawker’s take and responded on Instagram: ‘GAWKER – always getting the cutting edge, homophobic scoop!!! Go see CHILD OF GOD in theaters and see me direct my live-in boyfriend, SCOTT HAZE!!! Love you SCOTT!!!!’ 

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think Gawker was acting in a homophobic way. The article was questionable, but not homophobic…to me. Of course that’s still up for debate, and I could be wrong. Homophobia comes in several different flavors, one of which includes exploitation for attention and monetary gain.

You can read more about it here. You’ll see one of those classic photos of James Franco, with dark glasses and that quasi Beat Gen, Kerouac look.

Stay tuned for more James Franco.

Gay Marriage Cases

Now for something more positive and less self-serving, here’s a concise summary of gay marriage cases in appeals court right now.

The Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments Wednesday on six gay marriage fights from Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee on Wednesday, setting the stage for one ruling. Each case deals with whether statewide gay marriage bans violate the Constitution.

You can read them all here. It’s one of the best links I could find that brings it all together this way.

Cage James
By Ryan Field

Release Day: Cage James by Ryan Field

Release Day: Cage James by Ryan Field

I don’t normally do an individual post for a book release, but I’ve had a lot going on this summer and I wanted to make sure this post about Cage James gets out before I forget and start posting about something else.

Cage James is a m/m novella that’s not exactly a romance, but it’s not exactly a thriller either. It’s a little different from what I normally do and it has a few of the quirky aspects that I used to add all the time to short stories I wrote for LGBT presses. For one thing, I think there is a happy ending depending on how you look at it. For another, I think there are a few topics in this story that haven’t been mentioned in other m/m novels. I also get into gay marriage in a very different way this time. It’s not the typical happy courtship promoting assimilation, but it is a reality in real gay life that happens with many men, especially where one is very wealthy and one has nothing at all.

Though I’m not trying to make any political or social statements with this book, I do think the topic of gay hustlers marrying for money is relevant and common in some circles. I also wanted to break the stereotype that this sort of thing only happens with older gay men and younger gay men. The two characters in this story are both around the same age.

In any event, here’s the cover, and the blurb is below. I’ll continue to post links as I get them. It take a while for Amazon to upload.


Hot San Francisco male stripper, Cage James, needs money to pay back loan sharks or he’s in big trouble. He knows he’ll be able to get the money, plus enough to never have to work again in his life, but he has to stall them for a while. His plan is flawless and all he has to do is marry a kinky young gay billionaire legally and find out where he keeps all his cash hidden. But Cage winds up falling in love with one of the big, strong-fisted loan sharks, losing control, and then dealing with a situation he never saw coming.

Sidenote: If anyone’s interested in a complimentary review copy, please contact me here I’m going to start giving out ten copies of new releases to people who are willing to review in exchange for a free book. It’s strictly for review and how you review the book is up to you. Of course I hope you love it, but that’s not a requirement in order to get an ARC. The only requirement is that you leave an authentic review somewhere. I’m not picking and choosing either. The ARCs go out to the first ten people who e-mail me about it. Please put “Review Copy: Cage James” in the subject line of the e-mail.

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