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My Gallery on Ney Alley…

I’ve talked about my art gallery here before. But I never was much for taking photos. And now thanks to social media, I found a photo where I opened my first gallery in 1992…at the age of twenty-two, fresh out of college, while commuting to New York to work for Conde Nast.

At the time, it was only a weekend business. But I moved to a location with more traffic a block away two years later to open the gallery full time. But I’ll never forget the days I spent on New Alley. Oddly enough, for a place off the beaten path, business was very good. I once sold a pair of rock crystal sconces for five thousand dollars…during a hurricane!

Here’s some history: Ney Alley was named after well known artist, Bill Ney. Back in the days of the Beat Generation, I’ve heard it was a place for artists of all kinds to hang out, including Allen Ginsberg. In the 1970’s, these buildings were erected by the well known furniture designer, Jeffery Greene. Jeff and his wife, Valerie, were my landlords back in 1992. Although Valerie had a reputation, and people often called her “Dragon Lady” behind the scenes, I got a long with them both very well. She was a tough business woman I respected. And I still see them around town every now and then. Please keep in mind the photo below is recent. When I was there EVERYTHING was landscaped and perfect.