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No Gay Marriage Merkel Time’s Yearly Person?; Ab Fab Movie Release Date; Burt Reynolds Allegedly Tosses Shade At Charlie Sheen

No Gay Marriage Merkel Is Time’s Yearly Person

I’m seeing all kinds of things around the globe about what Donald Trump said, but nothing about how Angela Merkel opposes gay marriage and how she still manages to become Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. And I don’t think in Merkel’s case Time meant to be sarcastic like they did with Kim Davis.

I remember posting about this a few months ago. This is from Pink News.

Ms Merkel ruled out same-sex marriage in Germany earlier this year, despite public support from the majority of the public and supporters of her own party.

Allegedly, this is why Time named Merkel Person of the Year. I’m not quoting from the piece because it’s not compatible with blogger, but it basically states they named her PotY because of the way Merkel handled the refugee crisis and European Union currency issues. Yet nothing about how she’s opposed gay marriage.

If you do a simple search for Angela Merkel and gay marriage you’ll find enough information from reputable sources that show her comments on gay marriage. Merkel is fine with civil unions from what I gather, but not “marriage,” which is basically nothing more than equality with conditions.

And Time Magazine made her person of the year while at the same time they mocked and laughed at Kim Davis for her stand on gay marriage.


Ab Fab Movie Release Date

Ab Fab was one of those TV shows, like Friends, I never missed watching in the 90’s.  I’ve watched reruns more times than I can count. And now there’s a movie coming out and it has a release date.

Patsy and Edina have had a busy year (and gone through many cases of champagne, assumedly), and creator/star Jennifer Saunders has made it all real by finally announcing a UK release date — July 1, 2016.

The news was confirmed on Twitter and that’s serious business. If you tweet it, it’s there forever.

More here. 

Burt Reynolds Allegedly Tosses Shade At Charlie Sheen

I can’t help but wonder about this. If Charlie Sheen had been diagnosed with anything other than HIV how would the world have reacted? Since his announcement I’ve never seen such vicious, vituperative comments about Sheen and HIV in my life. And now old Burt Reynolds is allegedly commenting about it.

“His father [Martin Sheen] is a very, very decent man and a dear friend of mine,” Reynolds blabbed.
 “I feel bad for him. For Charlie, I don’t feel bad for him. He’s getting what he deserves. … He misbehaved badly. Very badly.”

“If you’re going to misbehave like that,” the actor, who details his battle with prescription drug addiction in his memoir But Enough About Me, continued, “then they’re going to get you.”

It’s unclear who or what Reynolds meant when he used the word “they’re,” but we can only assume he meant the HIV virus.

You can check this out here.

Most of the people who commented seem to think Reynolds is wrong.