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Mario Gotze’s Wood; Gay Pride History; Andrew Rannells’ Hedwig; Simon Cowell Gay?

Mario Gotze’s Wood

This might not be the most enlightening story on the Internet today, but it’s Saturday, it’s summer, and I don’t teach classes on the social and political uses of technology; I try to keep things at least a little interesting. And when I spotted this story about soccer star, Mario Gotze, showing photos of his “boner” online I thought it would be different to share. I think this is safe for work, too. But don’t quote me.

Before he became famous for scoring the game winning goal for Germany at the World Cup, soccer star, Mario Götze was apparently for popping a boner on a boat with a lady friend!

You can read more here.

And here’s a link to the actual “boner” photo.

The comments at the first link are the kind you might imagine…these people aren’t interested in social and political uses of technology either. And, there’s another link to more photos in the comment section. I didn’t check that one out, though. You never know where a link like that might lead you. Beware.

Gay Pride History

I know I’ve posted a great deal about gay pride this month…and over the years. But I think this article about the history behind gay pride gathers a lot of good information and pulls it all together in a simple way. It also talks about the film version of the 90’s stage play, Burning Blue, which I reviewed and posted about here. I had mixed feelings about the film, but I did like the subject matter and the historical angle. In spite of the flaws, it’s worth viewing.

Burning Blue
DMW Greer’s acclaimed ’90s play finally gets the big-screen treatment, with a limited theatrical release (and Video On-Demand option) available this June. Of course when the work debuted on the London stage in 1995, the world—and particularly the American military, as the subject at hand—was in a very different place. The discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy was alive and doing unfortunately well then, forcing dedicated members of the U.S. armed forces out of service because of their sexual orientation. The film follows the same timeline and plot as the original work, examining a close-knit squadron of Navy pilots who fall under investigation after a series of accidents.

There’s more here. It’s far from the most comprehensive piece about gay pride. But if you know nothing about gay pride at least take the time to read this.

Andrew Rannells’ Hedwig

Rannells is taking over for Neil Patrick Harris in Hedwig and the Angry Inch and the first image of him portraying a trans punk rocker has been released. He will take over on August 20th and many are saying that filling in for Harris will be a proverbial tough act to follow.

Following the Tony Award wins, producers have decided to keep the show running through October. To do so, the had to choose a new star since Harris would be ending his run in August and did not plan to extend it.

It’s not something I’d typically run to see, but I feel that way about most B’way shows. In the same respect it does look interesting. I have no doubt Rannells will be perfect for this part. Just look at the photo with the link below and you’ll see what I mean.

There’s more here.

Simon Cowell Gay?

The reason why I dropped this part of the post to the bottom is because it just sounds too ridiculous to be true. And if by any chance it is true, it’s too sad to even think about. There’s a trial going on with Tulisa Contostavlos, who judged on The X Factor UK from 2011 to 2012, that has something to do with drugs and other seedy garbage of the rich and disgusting chickenfuckers of the world. In short, there have been some serious accusations made about Simon Cowell’s sexuality.


Simon Cowell is gay, according to a recording played of a phone conversation in court today (17 July).

The American Idol and X Factor judge has allegedly slept with several men. In the public eye, the 54-year-old music mogul has had several girlfriends and  recently became a father for the first time.

There’s more here. But I find it all hard to believe. One of the main reasons why I stopped watching American Idol here in the US was because of Cowell’s constant jokes about gays with Ryan Seacrest. I gagged one night and that was the end of AI and Simon Cowell for me.

Actually, this one time, I’m hoping that Cowell isn’t gay. We can live without him.

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