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Unpublished Non-Fiction Authors Building Platforms

Although I don’t write non-fiction and probably never will, I do find the process of building a platform fascinating. Unless you’re famous for something millions of people know about already, your chances of getting a non-fiction book deal are slim to none unless you’ve already started to build some type of a platform. With fiction you don’t really need a platform; just a book people might want to read. But with non-fiction, it’s a completely different ball game.

And building a platform isn’t simple. If you’re trying to self-publish non-fiction, which I’ve posted about several times here before, I would imagine it’s even more difficult. In fact, just grasping what a platform is can be tricky. So I’m linking to a great post about it over at a publishing blog I check out at least two or three times a week that I think gives an excellent explanation of the concept of having a platform. Here’s the link.