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Bad Boy Billionaire Series Ryan Field

Bad Boy Billionaire Series Ryan Field

I like to post these things as points of reference in case readers have any questions. And up until now, though I’ve posted about the individual books in the Bad Boy Billionaire series, I’ve never posted about the series in a general sense.

Unlike my Virgin Billionaire series, or the Chase of a Lifetime series, the Bad Boy Billionaire books don’t have the same characters and the series is not a continuing saga. When we (the publisher and I) developed the concept we thought it would be too restrictive to maintain the same characters, and being that the theme of the series revolves around rakes…bad boys…we wanted each book to have a happy ending, which meant that the bad boy had to redeem himself at some point in the book. And he had to redeem himself as a result of falling in love. I’ve always loved the trope where only one person, and one person alone, can turn a bad boy into someone decent. Even though we all know this doesn’t happen in real life, it’s nice to dream about it in books sometimes. If I’d tried to keep the same characters in each book and continued the bad boy theme it would have been difficult for the bad boy to redeem himself. You can only go so far without going overboard. And as it stands, some of these guys really are pretty bad in the beginning of the books.

So that means none of the books follow any order, and each book in the series has different characters, a different storyline, and a very different setting. It doesn’t matter which book was released first, or last. You can start reading the last book and finish with the first if you so desire because they are all individual novels.

Here’s a link to Amazon, and here’s one to the publisher’s web site. There are eight books in the series, and if you want to read them according to how they were released the Amazon link lists them in order.

And, here’s a list of all the books in the Bad Boy Billionaire series. Six have been released, and there are two to go that I submitted weeks ago. The last book in the series is over 118,000 words long in spite of how hard I tried to make it shorter. But this book, Small Town Romance Author, just kept getting away from me and I kept losing track of the word count. 

The Ivy League Rake

The Wall Street Shark

Cowboy in Love

The Actor Learning to Love

The Vegas Shark

Silicon Valley Sex Scandal

Palm Beach Real Estate Mogul

Small Town Romance Author

My next series…I’ve already begun and finished the first book…is going to focus on four western themed cowboy books with different characters, but all from the same town set in Texas Hill Country. It’s a fictional town called, Glendora Hill, not far from Austin. And even though each book will revolve around different main characters many of the original characters from the first book will continue to return with smaller story lines and scenes.