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A Penis On the Way To Work; Buckingham Phallus: House Shaped Like A Penis; Joe Jonas On His Own Penis Size

A Penis On the Way To Work

This one is about a woman who saw a penis on her way to work. 

But when you’re personally faced with a stranger’s erection before 8am when you’ve barely taken down your breakfast, it becomes less of a non-event. I’m actually fairly taken aback, and if I’m being honest, pretty shook up. Thanks man. Exactly what I was after as a side to my latte – an eyeful of erect penis and a big fat grunt worthy of a Seventies porno. 

Here’s the rest. I’m glad it goes on to talk about how she phoned the police, and there’s a phone number to call in case this should happen to you.

Buckingham Phallus: House Shaped Like A Penis

This is actually a very beautiful mid-century home in Australia, and it happens to be shaped like a penis.

It’s got four bedrooms, two bathrooms and it’s shaped like a penis.

Yes, a penis, a wedding tackle, love dart or twig and berries.

Real estate agents say it’s “unique and very private” — that sure is one way to describe it.

You can check that out here.

When you see it you don’t automatically see a penis. It’s the floor plan that gives whimsical design a whole new meaning.

Joe Jonas On His Own Penis Size

I feel as if I should apologize ahead of time for this one. However, for those who don’t know, Joe Jonas is the brother of the alleged gay-baiting Nick Jonas.

Not only did Cohen get Jonas to HIGHlariously answer which Jonas Brother had the largest package, but the DNCE singer also dished about a song that will piss someone off — oh, AND he played a game of Marry, Shag, Kill with his exes Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Gigi Hadid.

It’s Saturday, it’s the middle of summer, and there’s not much else to post about that isn’t too political this week.

Here’s the rest

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