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Photo Shop Makes You Gorgeous; Colton Haynes Lashes Out With the Truth; You Tube Star Bryan Hawn’s Booty

Photo Shop Makes You Gorgeous

I follow a few celebrities around on social media and some use photo shop all the time, and some usually don’t. One of the reasons why I love John Barrowman so much is because he doesn’t use it like many celebrities I see. His photos are real; his videos are real; he’s a class act all the way around.

And I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little photo shop sometimes, to cover blemishes and clean a photo up a little. We all want our photos to look as good as possible. In fact, some people should do it sometimes. It’s just that when some of these people get into totally changing their bodies it gets a little ridiculous. Who do they think they are fooling?

In any event, here’s an article about how everyone can photo shop themselves into the perfect human specimen. I think it brings new meaning to hook up apps…because you never know what you’re getting based on photos anymore.

Photoshop can do wonders, and its body altering techniques are known to be widely used in the fashion industry.

This time, BuzzFeed has sent its Try Guys to get a digital makeover, where they each choose a celebrity with the style and body type that they aspire to be and then the computers will do the rest of the magic.

You can check this out here, with examples of how some guys will photo shop themselves into completely different humans. The one guy even photo shopped the package between his legs.

Colton Haynes Lashes Out With the Truth

This is refreshing…for a change. Colton Haynes is starting to speak up about some of the things he’s had to deal with in the vicious Hollywood environment very few people talk about openly.

‘For those of you who are new to Hollywood or any business …be careful who you work with,’ he warns.

‘Watch out for liars, brainswashers and manipulators. Those who promise you the world then f*ck you over leaving you blindsided.’

The Arrow star adds: ‘If and when this happens to you, I promise you you will make it out alive. Take it from me, I knew it was happening the entire time and I’m doing so much better in life without that fake influence who projected negativity on me because they were too afraid to own up to their own insecurities.

I see a lot of it on social media…what he’s talking about. They are fakes, liars, and all around douches blowing smoke up everyone’s ass. I’ve even seen them switch politics, when  they know it’s going to serve them well. They don’t care about the issues. They care about the photo op. And frankly, I can tell you from experience book publishing isn’t all that different.

You can read the rest here

You Tube Star Bryan Hawn’s Booty

I have to admit that I love You Tube Stars and what they represent. They are the new breed of celebrity and they make it all on their own. Think Steve Grand. There’s no slick Hollywood type manager wheeling and dealing in the background to get them trumped up PR that makes no sense at all half the time. These You Tube people are working it and they are resonating with the public…while the old time brand of celebrity seems to be vanishing.

Here’s a story about Bryan Hawn…a You Tube star:

Bryan Hawn has made a name for himself by having a killer butt.

His YouTube videos – there are more than 250 in all – have parodied hits by Beyonce, Adele, Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Lambert and other artists.

Many have gone viral and all have one thing in common: his amazing booty.

There’s more here with a photo of Hawn.

I hope it continues. 



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