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Are There Gay Christians?

I know a lot of people wonder if there are gay Christians. So this should be interesting. I read that Fred Karger, gay presidential candidate, will be on Bryan Fischer’s conservative Christian radio show.

From Buzzfeed:

Karger reached out first to Fischer, who responded with a voicemail to Karger’s assistant Kevin Miniter saying he would “love to have Mr. Karger on.”

The interview is set to air on Thursday.

From Fred Karger’s Timeline:

I’ll be a guest on Bryan Fischer’s radio show this Thursday (June 21) at 2:15pm CT.

I honestly don’t even know if I get this show where I live. But I will check it out and try to listen.

What always surprises me is that the LGBT community is sometimes portrayed as being anti-Christian when I know for a fact that many in the LGBT community do consider themselves Christian. Though I’m not very religious, I have very good friends who go to a very liberal Episcopal church right here in New Hope where there is a huge LGBT congregation. I know others from my area who go to weekly services at a Unitarian Church near Princeton, NJ. Most of whom are all former Catholics.