Category: Bruno Gmünder Goes Bust; Be Troye Sivan’s Date To GLAAD Awards; Cheating On You With Your Best Friend

Bruno Gmünder Goes Bust; Be Troye Sivan’s Date To GLAAD Awards; Cheating On You With Your Best Friend

Bruno Gmünder Gay Publisher Goes Bust 

This is upsetting to me because I’ve been published in more books and magazines than I can count with Bruno Gmunder. I’ve posted about most of them here. I always loved working with them, I loved their editors, and I loved their content with respect to gay culture as I’ve always known it. It’s authentic gay content, not contrived or diluted.

Last week, it was already announced their German top magazine, Männer, would stop its print issues and switch to being online only.

But now news broke the company filed for bancruptcy with the Charlottenburg district court in Berlin on 15 March.

It is the second time in three years Bruno Gmünder went bust.

But here is hope. They are still operating and they are focusing on the long term.

You can check this out here. I’m posting a few of their books below. I make no money on them because I’ve already been paid a flat rate, however, I would imagine everything helps at this point. You might find something you want to purchase.

Be Troye Sivan’s Date To GLAAD Awards

This should get you excited.

However, the Youth singer is going to extraordinary lengths to find a +1 to this year’s GLAAD Media Awards.

In fact, he’s opened it up to competition.

Furthermore, the lucky winner will even get to take their own +1 to the ceremony in LA on 1 April.

Here’s the rest. Not much to comment on with this one.

Cheating On You With Your Friend

This is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a relationship. It breaks the trust and I’m not sure anyone can ever fully recover from it. I think there’s even a certain creep factor here. If someone will sleep with your friend they’ll sleep with anyone.

It’s only a simple poll, but it asks a complicated question: “Has Your Partner Ever Cheated On You With One Of Your Friends?”

You can check that out here.