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Bromosexual Couples Photos; Eight Great Ski Getaways; Court Documents and All Romance E-books

Bromosexual Couples Photos

I’m always amazed when I see articles like this and some people get on the comment threads and knock them…as if two men can’t be good friends whether they are gay or straight, without sex. It can happen.

Bromances come in many different forms. They can be relationships between two straight guys who aren’t afraid to show their affection for one another, two gay dudes who love to hang out but have never seen each other naked, or a gay man and a straight man who just like to spend quality time together.

You can check this out here, with some great photos of bromances.  There aren’t many comments with this one yet, but I just don’t understand why all this is so shocking to some people.

Eight Great Ski Getaways

There are actually only seven great ski getaways listed in this link. I titled it eight because Jay Peak, Vermont was not listed and I think it’s one of the nicest, and most gay friendly, I’ve ever been to.

Here’s a link to the Jay Peak web site.

And here’s a link to the Phineas Swan Bed and Breakfast, which is located in Montgomery Center, VT, and it’s only minutes from Jay Peak. We’ve been there several times. It’s pet friendly and gay friendly, and it’s actually where we got married. They have great gay wedding packages. It’s also a great little secret getaway for gay people who are looking for something different. And if you love covered bridges, you can spend an afternoon just touring them.

Here’s a link to the main article with the other seven great ski getaways.

Court Documents and All Romance E-books

I almost hate posting about this again, but it’s an interesting article with some facts about All Romance E-books I didn’t even know existed…not that it’s going the change anything.

In order to see the whole story, you need to go back to 2014 when a dramatic conflict began between Lori James and her business partner, Barbara Perfetti Ulmer. In fact, Ulmer sued James and All Romance E-Books, LLC in the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court of Pinellas County, Florida – where ARe was established as a legal business entity – on March 2, 2015. Ulmer filed a complaint alleging that James had been “denying access to contemporaneous and current financial information related to All Romance, breach of duties (fiduciary, care, and loyalty) unjust enrichment, inequitable distribution, and judicial dissolution of All Romance.”

It’s a very long, but concise, article. You can check that out here. 

I just wish there had been some advance notice with the ARe closure. I promoted a sale there just last week. For years I promoted ARe, faithfully, as a viable alternative to Amazon. I’ve done web interviews with them. I’m not shocked by anyone shutting a business down. I’m just shocked (and disappointed) at the way some are shut down in e-publishing. There are better ways to run a business and far better ways to treat authors and readers.


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