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Robbie Rogers Being Called A Queer; Gay Couple Blessed With Triplets; Broadway Dancer Kills His Partner/Roommate

Robbie Rogers Being Called A Queer

I’ve stopped using the word Queer on this blog, and everywhere in my own personal life. I’ve stopped posting about how much I don’t like the word. And I think I have good reason. Words are important. Words have strong meanings. That’s what communication is all about.

With that said, this just happened to Robbie Rogers:

The LA Galaxy  left back returned to playing last night after ‘two months with an Achilles surgery.’ During the last 15 minutes of the game, an opponent called Rogers queer.

‘To be honest, my initial reaction was shock,’ the left back wrote. ‘This my fourth season back in the MLS, and I have yet to hear an opposing player use that, or any other gay slur, during a game.’ –

If you continue reading you’ll see a statement by Rogers. It’s a positive statement. However, he wasn’t called “queer.” He was called “a queer.” There’s a difference.

Here’s the rest.

Gay Couple Blessed With Triplets

On a more positive note, a gay couple in South Africa both contributed DNA to a surrogate mother and they now have triplets. They met during the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, and that’s how they met the surrogate mother, too. It’s a very interesting article. I’ve posted about that trial a few times, because I was never totally convinced Pistorius was guilty, and I’ve always wondered about back story like this.

The babies survival was touch and go. They were delivered prematurely on July 2 at 31 weeks: A typical pregnancy last 40 weeks. They were dangerously underweight.

For the last three weeks they have been in intensive care, and only now are the Menelaou family being taken home. 

You can check this out here.  

Broadway Dancer Kills His Partner

Here’s a sad story that makes you wonder why. From what I can gather in the article, they aren’t even sure if the victim was his boyfriend.

A Broadway dancer has admitted to killing his boyfriend on August 19, by strangling him.

Before he gave himself up to police, he posted a series of religious-themed statuses to Facebook.

More here.  

A screen shot of his facebook posts are there, too.

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