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Gay Walt Whitman No One Mentions; Nearly Naked Ben Ryan; Bad Gay Tops In Bed

Gay Walt Whitman

Yesterday I saw Walt Whitman trending on Twitter so I checked it out and discovered it would have been his birthday. I rarely follow things like that closely…I can’t even remember my own birthday half the time…but I thought it was interesting that so many years later no one on Twitter mentioned Whitman’s ties to the gay community. I’m not even sure why that is. Are they afraid to say it? Or they just don’t know?

In any event, here’s a good article I found about Whitman and his longtime partner, Peter Doyle.

In fact, though, it can be argued that Whitman wouldn’t have risen to his lofty stature if Doyle hadn’t become his muse. Doyle inspired some of his partner’s best-known works and also caused the tone of Whitman’s poetry to become more optimistic.

You can read more here, and there’s a photo of Whitman with Doyle. I think we really need to talk about these things a lot more, and talk about Nick Jonas a lot less.

Here’s another excerpt:

In the correspondence, the men often spoke of their love for each other. In one letter, Whitman told Doyle, “I think of you very often. My love for you is indestructible,” and in another he wrote, “I don’t know what I should do if I hadn’t you to think of & look forward to.”

Nearly Naked Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan is an AIDS activist and he goes about it in a slightly different way. 
“For the last 15 years,” Ben said, “I’ve written about the HIV epidemic as a reporter.” He currently covers science as editor-at-large for POZ Magazine, and getting his facts straight is incredibly important to him — especially when every detail of each new HIV or PrEP study is parsed and debated online. “The way I make sure my back is covered is I fact check like crazy,” he said. “Even one word can change the meaning of something. If I do get something wrong, I’m really upset. I’m a perfectionist.”

You can check the rest out here, where they go into detail about his fundraising and Broadway Bares. I haven’t read any of his articles about HIV or PrEP, but I am going to make a point of doing that now.

Bad Gay Tops In Bed

Here’s an article that discusses eleven possible reasons why a gay top man in bed might not be that great at what he’s doing. It is kind of speculative, though. I think every man has a different approach.

4. The top asks when and where he may cum.
If a top’s penis is ready to climax, allow the penis to climax.  The greatest part of sex is natural chemistry. If a top and bottom are enjoying a sexual experience without commands or instructions, then the grand finale should be as natural as long as the bottom is not poked in the eye by the top’s semen.

They’re all interesting…and I could probably add a few more. I often get into these things in my books with characters. But once again, a lot of this is a matter of preference and chemistry.

You can check it out here


The Arrangement

Andrea James On Bruce Jenner’s Transition; Gay Hotelier Apologizes for Ted Cruz Dinner; The Guy With Two Penises by Ryan Field

Andrea James On Bruce Jenner’s Transition

This is one of those times I’m going to seriously practice what I preach here on the blog. I’m linking to a commentary by LGBT rights activist and transgender, Andrea James, and I’m not commenting at all on transgender issues. This is one of those times when as a gay man I can’t know, feel, or understand what transgender people go through. I can only listen, support, and try as hard as I can not to preach to other people what I don’t know, and never will know, from first hand experience.

But more than that, I’m not going to examine transgender people because I know them personally or because my best transgender friend knows them, as if they are science experiments. If I were to try to examine transgender people this way, coming from the POV of a gay man, I would be that disingenuous douchey guy who did that.

So, here’s a little background about Andrea James. 

She doesn’t come without controversy, which you can see from this article

And here’s the piece I’m linking to where James talks about Bruce Jenner’s transition.

This needs to be said first: Anyone who discussed Jenner’s possible transition in the media for any reason before April 24, 2015 is part of the problem. That includes trans people. The “teaching moment” could wait, the scolding of the press could wait. The mocking or slamming of Jenner for how this transition is unfolding on TV could wait. That was all just feeding the trolls, and the trans people doing it were essentially engaging in self-promotion. But now that we have an announcement, let the games begin!

This needs to be said second: Coming out as gay, lesbian, or bi can certainly be stressful and challenging, but transgender people face an extra layer of challenges because we often change our appearance, name and other fundamental ways we interact with others. If a trans person enjoyed any amount of pre-transition notability, the process is even more difficult. Arguably, no one as famous as Jenner has ever announced a gender transition, so there’s intense scrutiny not only from the press, but from the trans community concerned about what effects the announcement and upcoming reality show might have. Any trans people who think they can second-guess what Jenner should or shouldn’t do based on their own transitions under far less famous circumstances don’t know what they’re talking about.
It’s a thoughtful piece and I highly suggest reading it in full. Again, no comment from me because I just don’t feel as if I have a right to comment this time because I’m not transgender. And also because I know all too well what it’s like to have people of privilege commenting on my life as a gay man. It’s not fun, trust me.
Gay Hotelier Apologizes for Ted Cruz Dinner
I just posted about this yesterday, so all you have to do is scroll down a little on the blog. This is a follow up, which I didn’t expect so soon. 
For those who don’t feel like scrolling, Gay hotelier, Ian Reisner, issued an apology on his Facebook page after receiving backlash when it was discovered he hosted an event for anti-gay marriage advocate, Ted Cruz. As a result of the Ted Cruz event, Broadway Bares cancelled a fundraising event at a club Reisner owns, 42 West.
Here’s the apology:
I am shaken to my bones by the e-mails, texts, postings and phone calls of the past few days. I made a terrible mistake. I was ignorant, naive and much too quick in accepting a request to co-host a dinner with Cruz at my home without taking the time to completely understand all of his positions on gay rights. I’ve spent the past 24 hours reviewing videos of Cruz’ statements on gay marriage and I am shocked and angry. I sincerely apologize for hurting the gay community and so many of our friends, family, allies, customers and employees. I will try my best to make up for my poor judgement. Again, I am deeply sorry.”

I’m not even sure what to say about that apology. But if you have to spend 24 hours reviewing Ted Cruz’s record on gay marriage to fully understand where Ted Cruz stands, there’s probably something wrong with you. For most people it would take five minutes.

You can check out the rest here. You’ll want to read the comments, too.

In this third book in The Rainbow Detective series, Proctor and Blair take on a case that involves blackmail, kidnapping, and a handsome young guy with two perfect penises. The guy with two penises is a public personality, and the wealthy client who hires Blair and Proctor is willing to pay a huge sum of money to keep the guy’s two penises a secret.

As fascinated as Blair and Proctor are with the guy who has two penises, there are dangerous, unexpected twists in this case that put them in grave danger. And the fact that they are in love with each other doesn’t make working together any easier. It’s the kind of peculiar double penis case that will not only test their love, but also test whether or not they can continue working together.

Will Blair be able to grow up and meet Proctor’s professional expectations? And will Proctor ever be able to get the guy with two perfect penises out of his head?