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Neil Partick Harris Responds; Gay Activist Leeches; Clay Aiken Running for Office

Neil Patrick Harris Responds

I’ve never even seen one episode of How I Met Your Mother, but the finale seems to have created a firestorm. And Neil Patrick Harris recently responded to critics on David Letterman.

Harris defended the show’s finale on “Late Show,” saying he was a “big proponent of it” and that he supported the show taking a more serious tone as it went on. In response to some of the backlash on his character in particular, Harris explained that some people don’t necessarily “grow up.”

“You want Barney to be the guy you bring your mom home to, but Barney is the guy that wants to bang your mom,” said Harris.

There’s more here, with a clip. It’s hard to please everyone.

Gay Activist Leeches

The American Family Association’s Brian Fischer thinks that gay activists are like leeches. This isn’t the first time he’s made anti-gay comments, and won’t be the last.

“The point here is that with the homosexual lobby, you cannot ever give them enough. Don’t even try,” Fischer said in a radio broadcast. “There’s no point in offering them some kind of appeasement in the hopes that they will leave you alone, that they will leave you in peace. It won’t work.”

Earlier this month, Fischer slammed the ABC series “Modern Family” as “poison” because of its portrayal of same-sex relationships.

All activists have to be like leeches to a certain extent otherwise they’d never get anything accomplished. So by making a moot point like this Brian Fischer either doesn’t understand what activists do, or he just so filled with hate he decided to single out gay activists. Either way, I think his fear of becoming extinct overpowers his sense of logic.

You can read more here.

Clay Aiken Running for Office

American Idol’s Clay Aiken is running for office in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District. But he’s going to be fighting hard to win.

Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers has represented the district for two terms and would like to make it three. The tea party favorite has a good shot at doing so.

The GOP-controlled state legislature gave Republicans the advantage when they redrew congressional districts in 2011. A veteran House Democrat who barely survived in 2012 opted to retire at the end of his term, while others in President Barack Obama’s party face an uphill battle — even a well-known personality like Aiken.

When it comes to politics, I’m actually very positive about odds like this. I don’t think it always depends on statistics. I think it depends more on good strategy and how you play the game. Previous recent elections in the US have proven that even with all the odds stacked against you there’s still that proverbial glimmer of hope…if you’re shifty enough and you know which asses to kiss. We all claim we want honest politicians, but always vote for the best sales pitch, from president right on down to the mayor of the smallest US town.

I would like to see Aiken win this.

You can read more here.