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Nude Davey Wavey; OUT List 100; Don’t Over Edit

Nude Davey Wavey

For anyone who’s curious, I’m linking to a web site where you can view full frontal nude pics of gay youtube performer, Davey Wavey. As usual, the comment thread is entertaining…trust me on this.

And the mystery is over.

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OUT List 100

Out Magazine does a list each year mentioning 100 people. Some are significant, others questionable. But that depends on personal taste.

Marriage equality advocate Edie Windsor, director Lee Daniels and out actors Wentworth Miller and Jim Parsons take top honors on Out Magazine’s OUT 100 list for 2013.

I think when you read the back story behind some of them it’s even more interesting because it shows how deeply intense it still is for most gay men and women to actually accept being gay, and even talk about it openly. The list is long, but most are worth reading.

Others surprise me, like Brett Easton Ellis.  He was banned from GLAAD awards for tweets he made. But I don’t follow much of what Ellis does, so I rarely link to anything Ellis related.

Read more here, or check out the list itself, here.

Don’t Over Edit

By over edit I mean don’t over criticize another author’s work without taking certain aspects of style and poetic license into consideration. The article I’m linking to now that was posted on Lit Agent Janet Reid’s blog seems to nail this topic in a few lines.

At the start of my career I was guilty of some of that thinking to be sure. I assumed that words or sentences that were “wrong” were mistakes. So I “fixed” them. It took me a while to realize that sometimes those weren’t mistakes, those were style.

This seems to be something novices do more than seasoned critics. I’ve done it, I’ve seen new copy editors do it, and if you’re unlucky enough to get a new copy editor who doesn’t know what he or she is doing it can really fuck up a manuscript and ruin the style and content as a result. I actually once had a copy editor “correct” dialogue…dialogue I’d written on purpose that gave one character a distinct voice. Let’s just say I didn’t back down that time, and one new copy editor received a crash course in how not to edit an author’s style.

In the same respect, there’s one newer m/m author out there who makes almost every mistake in the proverbial book, but his voice and style are both so great it doesn’t really matter because in his case it’s more about the story than a lesson in English. I’m not linking to him because it sounds more like a left-handed compliment and I don’t want anyone to misinterpret that. No one can do what he does, quite the way he does it.

In other words, things like common usage are important to take into consideration, and don’t assume that because your seventh grade English teacher said it was right makes it standard in all fiction.

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The Brett Easton Ellis Firestorm Continues…

Although you will see nothing about this in the mainstream, especially with all the news going on with regard to Paul Ryan being chosen to run alongside Mitt Romney, the firestorm that Brett Easton Ellis has created continues to blossom…and with a very interesting remarks by Ellis.

In this article Ellis makes comments about Hollywood and gays:

“Hollywood is the most homophobic place in the entire world,” he tweeted early Wednesday. “Why Brokeback Mountain was a hit was because it starred two beautiful actors instead of two real ugly characters from the story. Producers.”

Ellis added, “I think Matt Bomer is incredibly handsome and a good actor but I think he comes off totally gay in White Collar. And that is why no to CG.”

I didn’t see White Collar yet so I can’t comment in that. But I can’t help thinking about how many films I’ve seen where I wondered if the actor was gay or straight. My point being is that it’s getting harder and harder to tell who is gay or straight these days. Which means we’re *caring* a lot less about who is gay or straight. The only thing we care about is whether or not the actor did a good job. Unfortunately, those in Hollywood don’t seem to be getting the message.

I wasn’t a fan of “Brokeback Mountain” for many reasons, one of which had to do with the fact that I saw serious fundamental flaws in the story and the film that should not have happened…and would have been very simple to fix. But I do think that both actors in the lead roles did a wonderful job. In fact, they were so good in the film it compensated for the fundamental flaws in the script and basic story.

It’s also interesting to note that according to this article, the film version of 50 Shades isn’t even happening at this point.

The screenwritier, best known for—wait for it—controversial films like American Psycho and The Rules of Attraction, took to Twitter to vent about Matt Bomer possibly being cast in the upcoming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, which, at this point, is just wishful thinking by fans.

It’s difficult to argue with some of the points that Brett Ellis makes, with regard to how Hollywood treats gays. I often feel as if we’re at the point now with the LGBT community where Hollywood (and publishing) was back in the 1940’s when all characters and actors of African descent were portrayed in stereotypical ways. It might not be as bad, but it’s just as insulting and I often see things that make me cringe with regard to how gay men are represented, not to mention the lack of authenticity.

But the only way that’s going to change is to let someone like Matt Bomer play a lead role in something like a possible film version of 50 Shades. Now that’s what I would call breaking the mold and moving forward.

More on the Matt Bomer/Brett Easton Ellis 50 Shades Deal…

In a way, following what’s been happening with author Brett Easton Ellis and what appears to be his obsession with who is right (or not right) for the lead role in the movie adaptation of the novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, has almost been entertaining. It seems the more Ellis tweets about the topic the more of an asshat he becomes.

To refresh everyone’s memory, Brett Ellis Easton was a boy wonder author who got lucky with “Less Than Zero.” It was a breakout novel in the 1980’s that I read simply because of all the hype I’d heard. At the time, there were far better books out and far more talented authors. I wouldn’t say he was the Snookie of the 80’s, but I wouldn’t exactly put him in the same literary category as Jonathan Franzen. One thing I’ve learned in publishing is that luck has a lot to do with success.

Evidently, the same luck that brought him the huge success with “Less Than Zero,” hasn’t helped him much with his wrecked Twitter Feed. According to this piece, this is what Easton Tweeted when J.D.Dalinger died:

Mind you, this is the man who Tweeted, when J.D. Salinger died in 2010, “Yeah!!! Thank God he’s finally dead. I’ve been waiting for this day for-f*****-ever. Party tonight!!!” He was rightly condemned for that tweet, but somehow didn’t get the greater message.

Brett Easton Ellis also “knew” that gem of a woman, Rielle Hunter, and we all know what SHE’S famous for doing in life. He even Tweeted this once, in spite of the fact that it turned more than half the stomachs on his Twitter feed.

Somewhere in the late 1980’s I almost found myself in a coked-up threesome with Rielle Hunter in my condo on 13th Street in New York.

Now, if that’s not enough to make you cross your legs, his thoughts on the Tyler Clementi case proves just how lucky he got with “Less Than Zero.”

Worst of all, I think, is his odd obsession with the Tyler Clementi suicide case. Ellis seems to have decided that his Rutgers roommate Dharun Ravi was simply not guilty of bullying or intimidation, and thus railed against the verdict rendered in the case last month in the most uninformed way possible. One is entitled to opinions, but not to stupidity.

You can read more here.

The problem with pop culture icons like Easton is that everyone is always so afraid to be honest and say what they really think. I’m just a small genre author writing books that I hope will entertain people for a while and no one cares what I have to say. But just once I’d like to see someone like Barbara Walters tell someone like Brett Ellis Easton what a douchebag he really is, in person, face to face. It might just shut his big misanthrope (Who speaks that way?) mouth for a while.

One of the drawbacks of social media like Twitter is that we are often subjected to the likes of Brett Ellis Easton. The good thing is you don’t have to follow him either…and I don’t.

In this article, you can read Easton’s Tweets from August 9th about Matt Bomer.

(10:09 pm) Reading all of these articles about Matt Bomer: I NEVER said gay actors can’t play straight roles, or straight actors can’t play gay roles.

(10:11 pm) However: in the VERY specific case of trophy-husband Matt Bomer playing Christian Grey then it makes things problematic. That’s the truth…

(10:12 pm) To reiterate I NEVER said gay actors can’t play straight roles. If that were true my entire generation of male movie stars would be jobless.

Apparently something ignited his Grey fervor again and Ellis felt the need to vent:

(4:37 am) Scene in Fifty Shades of Grey I’m most looking forward to: Matt Bomer as CG: “Are you gay, Mr. Grey?” Matt sighs: “No, Anastasia, I’m not.”

(4:55 am) After Anastasia asks the gay question Matt Bomer as Christian “raises his eyebrows, a cool gleam in his eyes. He does not look pleased.”

(5:11 am) Feel complicated about Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother: central joke being that he’s a gay actor playing a het womanizer. Um…

(5:18 am) Then why not cast Jason Segal in the Neil Patrick Harris role in How I Met Your Mother? The meta-joke is that Harris is openly gay. Lame…

(5:30 am) Look, I like Neil Patrick Harris especially when he’s hosting The Tonys but “How I Met Your Mother” is like all CBS sitcoms a piece of crap.

(5:38 am) You don’t think the makers of How I Met Your Mother didn’t KNOW that Neil Patrick Harris was gay and that would be part of the joke? Really?

(5:43 am) And please don’t get me started on the gay The Big Bang Theory. I’m too tired to go there. Gayness personified. Another terrible CBS sitcom.

(5:53 am) You’re missing the point. I’m not a homophobe. I’m a misanthrope. I hate the way homosexuality is presented in our entertainment culture.

(6:13 am) If you think Modern Family has a progressive attitude about gayness then you’re a retrograde tool. The fact that it’s being lauded: a joke.

Frankly, the odd thing is that I do think Easton makes one or two interesting points. I’ve often said that I don’t think the lgbt community is being represented well in our entertainment culture or our mainstream media. And I don’t think TV shows like Modern Family are representing the lgbt community very well either. But when he makes other statements that counterbalance the interesting points it’s hard to take him seriously. And he clearly does not know the amount of courage it took for men like Matt Bomer and Neil Patrick Harris to come out in an industry that praises gay men on one hand and then shuns them privately on the other. But more than that, Ellis is not even connected to the film, Fifty Shades of Grey.

From Twitter:

It’s a very major disappointment to announce that I’ve somehow been taken off the list of possible screenwriters for Fifty Shades of Grey…

And in the words of a very loud drag queen I once knew, “Get her!”

Brett Easton Ellis Doesn’t Think Matt Bomer Can Star in 50 Shades Movie; And Lit Agent Simon Lipskar’s Letter to the DOJ on E-Book Pricing…

This seems like the week of asshatery, and Brett Easton Ellis tops the list of asshats by saying this:

Okay I’ll say it. Matt Bomer isn’t right for Christian Grey because he is openly gay. He’s great for other roles but this is too big a game.

In more asshatery, he then said this:

I am NOT discriminating Matt Bomer because of his sexuality. Fifty Shades of Grey demands an actor that is genuinely into women. Get it?!?

Evidently, Mr. Ellis doesn’t know about all the women loving and reading m/m romance and m/m fiction. And once again we have Hollywood fail because they hired someone to produce a film who knows nothing about why the book sold millions of copies.

I didn’t love “Brokeback Mountain” the way so many other people loved it. As a gay man, I found fundamental flaws in both the book and the film. I didn’t like the fact that straight male actors were hired to play gay men when there are so many gay actors out there that could have played the parts just as well. I didn’t even know there was such a huge fandom for Brokeback until recently when I discovered that allegedly m/m romance as a sub-genre can be traced directly back to Brokeback. I’ve heard that all this fandom began as fanfic, much in the same way 50 Shades originated in an ironic twist. Yet I do think the straight actors played the parts well in Brokeback.

And now there’s an interesting turn of events with regard to the film version of 50 Shades. It’s been rumored that openly gay actor Matt Bomer is in the running for the lead role in the film version of 50 Shades only there are some who aren’t sure he’ll be able to pull it off because he is openly gay, Brett Easton Ellis being one of them. I find that interesting, insulting, and absolutely wrong in so many ways I could write endlessly about it. The people who don’t think Bomer can play the part because he’s gay are basically saying that two straight actors can play gay parts without any issues, but gay men can’t play straight parts and be believable.

And once again the gay community gets a kick in the ass, from an asshat. I guess Hollywood forgot all about Rock Hudson, and how he played nothing but straight parts all his life. Oh, yeah. He wasn’t openly gay so that was okay. And what about all the other closeted gay actors out there right now who are playing straight men? They are there, you’d better believe it. They are terrified to come out because they know they won’t get anymore straight parts if they do come out because of asshats like Brett Easton Ellis.

It should be interesting to see how this all plays out in the future, and I’m not just talking about the 50 Shades movie. I’m talking about the way all openly gay men are treated when it comes to getting straight parts. I got slammed in more than a few places when I criticized the Brokeback film because I didn’t like the fact that two straight me were playing gay men. People told me there’s nothing wrong with that as long as the actors can act…and I knew they were right. But if that’s the case there should be nothing wrong with Matt Bomer playing a straight man. We already know he can act. Let’s see how Hollywood handles it this time. I would be willing to bet that Matt Bomer WON’T get the part, and we’ll still be worrying about those fucking chicken sandwiches over at Chick-fil-a when the real injustice is happening in far more important places than a fast food restaurant no one really cares about anyway.

Simon Lipskar Addresses the DOJ on E-book Pricing:

The settlement with three major publishers recently announced by the Department of Justice demonstrates that the government has a fatally flawed understanding of the economics and history of the emerging ebook industry and, as such, has constructed a settlement that undermines a healthy market defined by robust competition. It is my obligation as the president of one of the industry’s leading literary agencies to write and try to persuade the court not to approve this ill-conceived settlement.

It’s a painfully long letter that basically says what most literary agents have been saying all along. There’s no mention about the legal issues in Lipskar’s letter with regard to alleged conspiracy and doing business in an unfair and dishonest way. It’s more emotional than practical. And the law isn’t about emotions. The reason why there are laws is to protect consumers from conspiracies.

I. Did the Alleged Collusion Cause Consumer Harm?

The government’s investigation into agency pricing springs from a flawed premise. On Page 8 of the Competitive Impact Statement, the United States makes a claim that is wholly unsupported by fact: “As a result of Defendants’ illegal agreement, consumers have paid higher prices for e-books than they would have paid in a market free of collusion.”

In the most basic sense, I’m taking this to mean that if I speed down the highway at 100 miles per hour in a sixty-five mile per hour zone and I don’t have and accident and I don’t kill anyone, it’s okay to break the law. Maybe I’m misreading this…but it’s not something I would have written and released in public if I’d been Lipskar.

What also concerns me is that I’ve always been taught that agents represent authors, not publishers or book sellers. So why would a literary agent even get involved in something like this? And I’m putting aside all the flaws I saw in Lipskar’s letter to the DOJ when I ask this question.

You can read more about it here.