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HIV Prevention Toolbox; Brady Bunch Star Douchebaggery; Zachary Quinto on Kissing James Franco

HIV Prevention Toolbox

This is an article from an HIV web site called HIVequal. This particular post focuses on 7 different strategies used to prevent someone from getting HIV. The first is fairly simple: condoms. The rest I’m not too sure about. They aren’t inaccurate. I’m just not sure how realistic they are. I’m not knocking them either because I think any kind of awareness is something worthwhile.

Strategic Positioning, a.k.a. Sero-Positioning 

When it comes to HIV, it is the receptive partner, or the bottom, who is most at-risk for contracting HIV. So strategic positioning, or sero-positioning, is when a person chooses a different sexual position or practice depending on the HIV status of their partner. For instance, an HIV-negative man would choose to be the top and an HIV-positive man would choose to be the bottom. Although strategic positioning is commonly practiced, few studies have assessed just how effective this prevention method is. It is important to note that while the chance of the insertive partner becoming infected with HIV is markedly lower, it is not zero. In other words, tops can still becoming infected with HIV from their receptive partner, but the likelihood is lower.

First, it’s very clunky writing and hard to parse if you don’t know much about this. However, if I’m reading this correctly they are stating that if you’re with an HIV top, instead of being the bottom try being the top. The word “choose” is used, as if this is something most gay men can actually “choose” to do. And we all know how realistic THAT theory is. If this were realistic you’d find nothing but tops instead of bottoms on Grindr.

You can read the rest here.

The comments are interesting. I wouldn’t trust them, but interesting.

My personal advice is don’t think your entitled, don’t take chances, and if you’re going to have sex with anyone and you aren’t 100% certain he’s HIV negative, either use a condom or don’t do it at all. That IS something we can CHOOSE on our own.

Brady Bunch Star Douchebaggery

As if we don’t already have enough horrible, hideous, asinine reality shows on TV already, there’s a new one starring that guy from The Brady Bunch coming out that’s titled, A Very Barry Branson. In a lame attempt at wit because he obviously hasn’t been paying attention to the reality show called the real world the rest of us are living in, the Brady dude made this ridiculous comment about Bruce Jenner. He not only insulted trans people, Bruce Jenner, and the LGBT community. He insulted those who support them.
Barry Williams, 60, told HuffPost Live that he would consider ‘going transgender’ like Bruce Jenner to get higher ratings. 
Said Williams: ‘That guy [Bruce Jenner] is committed. He is committed to promoting himself. And I’m thinking, maybe, I don’t know, I could say — I’m just saying, if this thing doesn’t work, and the series isn’t doing as well as I want, I’m going transgender.’ 
When host Ricky Camilleri reminded Williams that transitioning is a ‘difficult emotional process,’ he remained in a joking mood and said: ‘I’m an actor, I can handle it.’
Well, there you are. I guess we’ll never have to wonder why this brilliant Brady didn’t become a rocket scientist after The Brady Bunch ended.
Zachary Quinto on Kissing James Franco

I have no intention of seeing James Franco’s film, I Am Michael, for many reasons I’m not getting into now. But in keeping with my NYE resolution that I’m not going to slam gay people anymore unless they really, really did something terrible, I’m posting about this now as blogger practice for any upcoming idiocy that might arise.
The article begins with typical jargon in gay publications geared toward baiting gay male readers with the straight man sexual fantasy. In this case the gay bait is all about the kiss/sex scene between gay Quinto and straight James Franco…in an interview with Andy Cohen.

Cohen: ‘Was there a lot of tongue in the kissing scene with Franco?’ 
Quinto: ‘A moderate amount.’ 
Cohen: ‘Did it seem like something he had done before with a dude?’ 
Quinto: ‘Yyyyyeah.’ 
Cohen: Were there boners happening? 
Quinto: ‘Nnnno.
No comment.
The rest is here, where Quinto basically admits most of the sex scenes were hyped in order to promote this movie.

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