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A Busy Friday: New Book Cover, Bestseller List on Fictionwise, and Great News about Red Silk Press

Since it’s been such a busy week I’m making this a three fold post to save time.

First, here’s the new cover for a brand new release, KEVIN LOVES COWBOYS. Dawne Dominique did this one, as she does all my covers for, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I provided a few suggestions, and she came up with this all on her own. And how she knew that scroll pattern was my all time favorite pattern in the world was just pure luck.

Second, my stand alone e-book, IT’S NICE TO BE NAUGHTY, has been on one of the fictionwise bestseller lists for well over a week. I’m not boasting about it for the sake of boasting. But this book has a byline that reads, R. Field, instead of Ryan Field. And that’s because this isn’t a m/m romance or lgbt fiction. The main characters in this story are straight and I didn’t want to confuse my m/m romance readers. I love writing lgbt fiction and m/m romance, however, I have been vocal in my support to all the straight authors out there writing lgbt fiction, especially the women, and I like knowing that I can write a story with straight characters that actually sells copies just as much as a straight author can write lgbt fiction. Personally, I like to think that if you’re a professional career writer you can write a good story about anything, and your sexual preference and gender shouldn’t stop you from doing this.

Third, I just found out yesterday that the anthology, BOYS OF THE BITE, with one of my short stories, THE DEVIL’S HALF ACRE, has been sold to Red Silk Press in collaboration with ravenous romance. This is great news for everyone, and it means the book and the authors will get a lot more exposure. Here’s the announcement as it came to me.

More good news: as some of you know, paranormal non-fiction publisher Red Wheel Weiser has started an imprint for paranormal fiction, partnered with Ravenous. The imprint is called Red Slik, and Boys of the Bite has been chosen for the spring 2011 Red Silk list!

The Most Haunted Town in the US, New Hope, PA…

Though I rarely set novels in my own hometown, New Hope, PA, I could easily write more than a few paranormals about New Hope.

Like this link,, says, New Hope has gained a popular reputation for not only being haunted, but also for having a wide array of supernatural occurrences.

Personally, I owned an art gallery for ten years in a building called “The Canal House.” This building was rich with pop cultural history. Jackie Kennedy used to stop there between Washington and New York. She became friendly with the owner of the building, my departed landlord, Johnny Francis Meyer. And I’ve seen the photos to prove this, too. The list of other celebs that stayed there range from Diana Ross, to “Carmine” from the TV series, “Laverne and Shirley.” There were also famous artists, like Bill Ney and Selma Burke. One of the most famous pieces Selma Burke designed wast the face of FDR on the dime. Her home still stands in New Hope, hidden down a narrow road off the main highway.

And one of the most famous celebs who died in New Hope was Jessica Savitch. She was on her way to New York, from Washington, when she stopped at Odette Myrtle’s restaurant and accidentally drove into the canal and drowned. I was only a kid then, but I remember that night well. The fog was so thick you couldn’t see your feet. It was pouring rain. Savitch’s ghost, supposedly, haunts the towpath along the canal.

And I’ve had my own personal experiences with ghosts. In my gallery, paintings were often switched around in the middle of the night while I wasn’t there. I’d leave at six o’clock in the evening and purposely notice where each painting was placed, and the next morning I’d open the gallery to find that everything had been moved around. It was all done very well, too. The new arrangement of paintings was always perfect and in excellent order. So I’d leave them that way for a while. And when it was time to rearrange the gallery a few weeks later, the same thing would happen. I have no explanation for this. I was the only one with a key to the gallery and there were never any forced entries.

I used to do some professional editing for local writers. It was a small list and I only worked with the writers that I really liked…and most times didn’t charge them anything. One of these writers was a strong spiritual figure in Key West, FL. His work was always done in automatic writing, which meant that it came through to him from “guides” or “spirits.” He was psychic, too. He didn’t use his gift for monetary gain, but he did predict a few things, to me, that came true not long after he’d predicted them.

I could continue, endlessly, with more supernatural stories about New Hope that I’ve personally witnessed. But, oddly enough, I’ve never written about them professionally. I did write a story in a recent book BOYS OF THE BITE, that is titled, “THE DEVIL’S HALF ACRE.” It’s a vampire story that is set in New Hope. And a small part of PRETTY MAN is set here in New Hope. But there’s nothing supernatural about New Hope in that book.

When you live in a place like New Hope, you tend to take these things for granted. If something strange happens, you don’t take it as seriously as you would if you lived somewhere else. So I don’t have any immediate plans to write about New Hope and ghosts, but it certainly isn’t because I have a lack of valid supernatural material that I’ve witnessed myself.

Boys of the Bite…

I have a short story in a book titled, BOYS OF THE BITE. I’ve posted about it before. But here is a new review link I thought was interesting:

My short story in the book is titled, THE DEVIL’S HALF ACRE. I wrote this story about nine years ago. I did it in hard copy while I was still working on a word processor instead of a computer. One thing led to another, and I forgot all about it until this past year when I submitted it to Cecelia Tan for BOYS OF THE BITE. It’s one of the few pieces I where I write about where I live, in Bucks County, PA.
So far, thanks to Cecelia Tan, the entire book is getting excellent reviews.


The newest anthology from was just released this week. It’s titled, BOYS OF THE BITE, and I have a short story in the book titled, THE DEVIL’S HALF ACRE. It’s been number one on the ravenous web site all weekend.
So I wanted to post a short excerpt from my story. The excerpt has been edited because this blog is rated PG, but it’s a good example of how an erotic romance can also be a PG rated romance if you take out the explicit sex scenes. This entire book is filled with romantic LGBT oriented vampire stories that not only have sexy scenes, but great story lines, too.

It was a dark, seedy place that had red and white checked table cloths made out of vinyl, and knotty pine paneling on the walls. They sold beer by the bottle and pizza by the slice; and it smelled like stale tobacco and urine. He was unusually hungry that night and was hoping to knock off two or three guys before dawn. But when he crossed to the end of the bar and sat down on a stool, he met a young man who had a magic all his own. The young man was not a vampire, and he was not supernatural. But Gio was captivated by his eyes: one was deep brown and the other bright blue. He had wavy brown hair, a muscular, compact body, and smooth olive skin. He was average in height, but Gio could sense that he was powerful.
“Can I buy you a drink?” Gio asked. He smiled and stared directly into his eyes, but he met a natural resistance that didn’t happen often. He wasn’t able to penetrate his thoughts; he couldn’t find a way to control him.
The guy smiled back and made a face. But he said, “Ah well, no thanks, buddy. I’m a recovering alcoholic and I don’t drink anymore.”
“I see.” He continued to peer into his eyes, but it was no use. His will was so strong Gio’s right eye began to twitch. He’d seen this before with recovering alcoholics and people who had conquered serious addictions. They’d learned to concentrate so hard and had trained themselves so well, it was next to impossible to penetrate their thoughts. And for some reason, this only attracted Gio even more.
“But why don’t I buy you a drink instead,” the guy said.
Gio laughed. Then he said, “I don’t drink either.” Alcohol didn’t influence him; mortal beverages were tasteless and provided nothing he needed.
He blinked a couple of times, then extended his right hand and said, “I’m Colin.”
“I’m Gio. Do you live in town?” Colin’s handshake was strong and dominant; his fingers were long and thick.
He told him that he lived across the river, in New Jersey. He’d just moved back to the area, because of some “trouble” he’d had in college. He didn’t go into details, but the “trouble” had been serious enough to cost him his driver’s license for one year and a long, expensive list of legal fees. So he moved back home to work in the family construction business to help pay his debts. He smiled and said, “I like your name, Gio. Is it short for Giovanni?”
Gio’s eyebrows went up; the guy wasn’t stupid. Most Americans called him Joe, because they didn’t know any better. “Yes. It is.”
“My mother is from Italy,” Colin said. “I can understand most things in Italian, but it’s hard to converse if you don’t practice often.”
They sat there talking like this until two in the morning. Sometimes in Italian, but Colin shrugged his shoulders most of the time. Gio kept ordering club sodas and tipping the bartender with ten dollar bills so he wouldn’t lose money on them. When it was time to close the bar, it occurred to Gio that he’d forgotten all about food that night. And he didn’t care either. If he had to, he could go days without sustenance. Besides, the night before he’d taken three football players, one long-haired musician from a rock band and a married guy from the suburbs. He’d be fine for a while. When they stood to leave so the bartender could close for the night, he asked him, “How are you getting home?”


If it hadn’t been for facebook, I probably would have forgotten I was in this book. It’s been a busy summer and I’ve been working on a new book and finishing edits for another at the same time.

BOYS OF THE BITE is a gay vampire anthology and my short story, THE DEVIL’S HALF ACRE is included in this book. I wrote this story about six years ago, and when I saw the call for submission, I pulled it out in hard copy, re-wrote it, and sent it in. And I was thrilled when they decided to publish it.