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The LGBT Community Needs To Boycott Donald Trump Everywhere: Let’s Trump Trump This Time

This is not a joke. And it’s not media hype either. I heard Donald Trump blast gay marriage in a Fox News interview and posted about it a month ago here.

Those who read this blog know I don’t get political on most issues. But this one I can’t ignore. So here’s another article from The Advocate that’s asking for the same boycott on Trump.

Seriously, folks. Donald Trump is going to make a bid to run for President of the United States. I’ve been watching him in action for a while now. That grand stand with his family on the Oprah Show wasn’t an accident. This man is clever and he works with an agenda. I write sneaky characters into my books all the time, trust me on this. He wants to be President. What gets me is that he’s been married and divorced more times than any of the gay couples in long term relationships that I know. And I’d like to know where he gets the audacity to even go near the subject of the sanctity of marriage.

So let’s stick together this time for once. And make a point of banning and boycotting everything and anything Donald Trump is associated with. Even if you’re in the closet, no one will know you’re boycotting him privately (we need your closeted support, too). Even if you’re not gay and you have a family member or friend who is gay. If we do this in large numbers, we’ll have the power to trump Trump!!