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I Wish the President Would Just Shut Donald Trump Up Once and for All

Everyone knows I don’t post anything about politics. This is mainly because I don’t like politics and don’t care much about it.

But I do care about all issues concerning the LGBT community, and legalized gay marriage is right up there in the top ten for me. So far, President Obama has shown more support than anyone in Washington for the LGBT community. He has a way to go yet, but at least he’s trying.

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, as you can read here in a past blog post I wrote. I also wrote another post here. I was hoping the LGBT community would boycott this year’s celebrity apprentice. However, I did see a few fellow LGBT friends on facebook (gay authors, no less) talking about how much they love Celebrity Apprentice this season. So much for that boycott. And Trump wins again.

However, I do wish President Obama would shut Trump up once and for all with regard to this birth certificate thing Trump has been harping on for so long now.

All the President has to do is just show the birth certificate and it’s all over. We all know the President has a birth certificate because anyone running for President in this country is vetted beyond belief. So I’m not worried about that.

But this Donald Trump thing is getting annoying as well as insulting. I thought it was bad when Trump insulted the LGBT community as a whole, but now he’s going after the President, too. And I’m hoping President Obama will just mail Trump a copy of the damn birth certificate and Trump can go back to hating gays and running his gambling parlors (I despise legalized gambling in all forms), which he seems to do very well.