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Lee Ryan’s Had Men; Gov. Christie Debacle

Lee Ryan’s Had Men

This is different because it’s not so much a famous person coming out story as much as it is a famous person admitting he’s been with men. Lee Ryan, from boyband fame, is currently one of the houseguests on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK and he spoke about this recently. He doesn’t claim to be gay either. In this case, it’s been purely physical.

 “‘Yeah I’ve been with a man. Everyone’s done experimentational s***. I’ll tell you later,” he told the women.

He then added: “Of course, man. I’m a well-travelled person. I’ve never admitted it anywhere. No-one’s bothered to ask.”

The article states he came out as bisexual but I’m not so sure about that. I think there’s a difference between experimenting with the same sex and actually being bisexual.

You can read more here.

Gov. Christie Debacle

Living only a mile from New Jersey, and so close to Trenton, the capital of NJ, we get a lot of NJ news. And I’ve been following the massive debacle happening with the Christie administration and shaking my head…for reasons no one has mentioned so far.

In case you haven’t heard, this an overview of what’s been happening:

Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday apologized to his constituents and said he was “embarrassed and humiliated” by his staff, one day after emails and text messages revealed his administration may have closed highway lanes to exact political retribution.

In other words, people on his staff created a huge traffic jam on the GW bridge to get even with another politician for something he either did or didn’t do in the last election. It almost sounds too childish to be true, and I’m not going into the details.

But I do want to comment on this. Aside from the fact that what they did was horrible, when you think about how painfully clueless they were to put it “in writing” in texts and e-mails you have to wonder what they were thinking at the time. Could there be a disconnect with all of our government officials and technology? Let’s not forget about the healthcare web site and how clueless that’s been.

You can read more here.

I have a rule about e-mail and texts. Never put it in writing unless I’m willing to let the entire world see it. I’ve seen too many other people get burned by e-mails they never intended to be seen. And I NEVER do mass e-mails to anyone. That’s way too dangerous.