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Boy Scout Name Change and Trans Scouts; Serbia’s Lesbian Prime Minister; The Cher Broadway Show

Boy Scout Name Change and Trans Scouts

I hadn’t thought about this. But frankly, I was never interested in anything related to the Boy Scouts…not even as a boy…because it was so heteronormative and I knew as a gay closeted kid it wasn’t for me. However, it looks as though things are changing for the better.

Christyn is a former Boy Scout from Connecticut. Since her time Scouting, she has come out as trans and is supportive of the name change.
‘I joined Cub Scouts when I was in second grade. Before that I had tired all sorts of other activities – karate, gymnastics, little league, soccer, but none of them were a good fit,’ Christyn recalls. ‘So when the den leader for my age group said she didn’t have any more room in her den, my mom signed up as a leader for me and a bunch of my friends.’

Here’s more. There has been criticism, too.

Serbian’s Lesbian Prime Minister

Here’s something positive on the global front.

Serbia’s lesbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić just clapped back at a homophobic minister in the best possible way.

Last year, Brnabić became Serbia’s first LGBTI – and female – Prime Minister. She was also the first leader to march in a Balkan Pride event.

The Cher Broadway Show

Even though I’ve never been a die hard fan, I do like Cher and I’m looking forward to this. I might even get tickets to see this one, which Tony will love. 
Cher fans rejoice! A bio-musical about the musical icon’s life is coming to Broadway this fall.
The show was first announced last year. It will be playing an out-of-town run at Chicago’s Oriental Theatre from 12 June through 15 July. Then, the show will head to The Great White Way’s Neil Simon Theatre.

A PG Rated Gay Romance

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