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More Bad, Disgusting Food Photos…

When I wrote this post a few weeks ago, with this bad food photo link, I had no idea how strongly some people felt about bad food photos. But I received a few e-mails from people who actually get physically ill looking at them, and some gave me links they thought I might find interesting. I even found a brand new bad food photo of my own, but you’ll have to go to the bottom of this post to see it.

And I did find the links interesting. I had no idea there was one guy out there making a huge statement about bad food photos. His name is Harmon Leon, and he has a few posts, articles and photos linking to some of the most hideous food photos ever published.

In this article he says:

It’s when restaurants display amateur photos of their food in their window to entice people to come in and eat what’s on their menu. Except, the result is often the opposite effect–it scares hungry customers away. Blurry, badly lit, out-of-focus, maybe shot with a disposable camera, or just plain poorly framed–there’s a certain art to bad restaurant food photography.

I’ve seen this more than once. It happens a lot in small mom and pop quasi food shops where the overhead lighting is usually harsh fluorescent. Harmon Leon posts some great photos of this in the article. I wish I could share, but I don’t know what’s legal to post anymore, so you’ll have to click the links.

In this article, the author talks about the fact that it’s often those who love food the most that abuse photos of food.

However, as a food fanatic and a food writer, it pains me to see food get a bad rap and be used like a cheap Myspace head shot. There are certain food pictures that just don’t need to be posted.

If you click the link to my previous post above, you’ll see a great example of someone doing this.

In this piece, Kevin Munns writes about disgusting foods and takes photos of them on purpose. I’m linking to it because that’s what some of the food photos I’ve seen on the Internet remind me of. The quote below is an example of a caption for one of his disgusting food photos. If you don’t have a weak stomach, it’s very entertaining.

Oh, it’s congealed duck’s blood. Actually, you wouldn’t believe what a huge lunch I had today, really. Darling, order me another beer will you, and get one for yourself, I’ll help if you can’t finish…
Now here’s one that’s been cleverly written, with photos that have titles of food like, Car Accident, Monkey Butt, Meth Mouth, and Road Kill. I think this one tends to be a little harsh, but most of us can relate to it.
And here’s my new find. If you google “bowl of worms,” you’ll come to this page. And then if you click this link to this bad food photo, you’ll see my new find, which would be a great fit on the “bowl of worms” page. This one’s not only a bowl of worms, it’s got a few ears, a couple of toes, two or three eyeballs, and what appears to be diced scrotum.