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Top, Bottom, Erections; Erect Bottoms? Anal Orgasm; Small Town Romance Writer by Ryan Field

Top, Bottom, Erections

While looking up articles about bottoms I came across something interesting that I think a lot of men think about but rarely discuss openly. I’m keeping it all clinical here, without puns, because I really do think it’s something a lot of us are curious about.

In short, the article I’m linking to here deals with topping, bottoming, and maintaining an erection. There’s a lot of information here and one topic talks about the prostate.

Prostate stimulation: Now this is my favourite part of the post where I get to tell you about the wonders of the prostate.

You can read more here.  I’m not going into more detail here on the blog, but I do get into these things in my books while I’m telling stories. I also think this might be of interest to straight men…and straight couples. The wonders of the prostate are not limited to gay men only. We all have them.

Erect Bottoms

Once again, I’m keeping this clinical. It’s a NSFW web site, so you’ve been warned, but I do think it’s something a lot of gay men think about with regard to anal intercourse and I actually happen to agree with this particular opinion. It almost breaks the myth that when a man is bottoming during intercourse he always has to be erect. I also put this in my books sometimes, too. I’m self-censoring a few words here on purpose. But you’ll get the drift.

It’s very rare that I get a hard-on while getting f….., it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy it, it just means that my focus is solely on the top that is f…… me and not on my own c…… Some guys need absolute attention to their c….. in order to keep erect which is exactly the category I fall into. So, when I read something like this article I bothers me.

I’ve always thought it was more about the intimacy. In other words the pleasure is not always in the form of an erection.

There’s more here.

Anal Orgasm

This article is also something I think could be interesting to straight and gay men. It talks about anal orgasm, which I’ve also mentioned often in books, and how fulfilling it can be for many men. Not all men. I get this. Gay and straight, not all men care about this. But for those who do I think this article explains things fairly well. For those who are curious and willing to practice, you’ll never be the same again once you actually experience anal orgasm.

If you’re wary of anal play during sex, you may wonder how do males have anal orgasms? Anal orgasms happen through the stimulation of several nerve-rich areas in and around the anus. According to a study at the University of Illinois, about 25% of heterosexual men and women experiment with anal sex at least one time. It is also very popular with same-sex couples, but it is important to note that the enjoyment of anal sex transcends sexual orientation: it feels good to men and women regardless of sexual orientation and can lead to amazing orgasms.

That paragraph just about sums it all up.

This is important. It’s at the end of the article. “Anal sex should not hurt.” If it does you’re doing something wrong. Or, you’re just not into it…or you need more practice.

More here.

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