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Ricky Martin Changes Pronouns; Invisible Gay Men; Bottomless Model Daniel Garofali

Ricky Martin Changes Pronouns

Update: Ricky Martin allegedly did this in Morocco where it’s a crime to be gay.

This is always something that’s bothered me. ALL songs, at least in my lifetime, are heteronormative. If you’re a man you sing to a woman and if you’re a woman you sing to a man. But Ricky Martin just turned that one around when he changed the pronoun in She’s All I Ever Had from she to HE.

In the original video, we see Martin kissing and caressing a female model and the lyrics tell of a man missing a woman.

However, in his performance last week Martin seemed to give a slightly updated version of the song.

During the song, Martin changed the words from ‘she’ to ‘he’ for the climax of the song.

It’s about time someone did that.

You can read more here.

Invisible Gay Men

I titled this part of the post that way because these are the men you most likely won’t see on the cover of gay magazines. It’s really not all that different from the way straight people are treated. But it’s worth mentioning all the same.

However, a London based magazine, Meat, is doing something about this…or at least they claim to be.

Taking ordinary men who could easily meet in your local bar, Meat offers a refreshing take on images of gay men with their original photos of gay men.

You can read more here, and there are photos. But my first impression was that these models in the photos aren’t all that different from the usual stereotype. And I’m not the only one who felt that way. The comments are interesting, too.

I went to a party this afternoon where there were two nice looking younger gay men. Neither would have been considered model material, but both were good looking guys. That’s who I’d like to see in these magazines for a change. To take this a step further, there’s a reason why amateur gay porn is so popular with so many gay men. They can identify with it, which in turn turns them on.

Bottomless Model Daniel Garofali

I’ve always wondered about this, too. We see shirtless men on book covers. We see shirtless men in magazines, on TV, and in films. When what we really WANT to see are bottomless men.

Well Daniel Garofali is making the change this time, with his cover image on Dorian Magazine.

This month, straight out of Stockholm, the fabulous and fashionable Dorian magazine served us a cover with the flawless Daniel Garofali that sent us into overdrive.

In full disclosure, this isn’t really an article. This is an advertorial, which I’m not usually fond of. But I actually do think it’s important to help promote the magazine industry…even as they hang on with their last dying breath.

You can read more here. Plus, the bottomless photo really is worth checking out. It has a classic look to it I haven’t seen in a long, long time.

Photo attribution: Wiki Commons.