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My Books Published In 2013; Books Written in 2013 So Far

Here’s a list of my published books in 2013 so far. I like to do these things on occasion to keep readers up to date, and for my own records. I’m notoriously bad at remembering when I’ve had something published. And posts like this keep me organized just in case a reader asks a question. If you asked me the titles and the sequences of all the books in the Virgin Billionaire series offhand, I don’t think I could tell you. So I put all that up on the blog, and when someone asks I can refer to that post all the time.

To see a full list, you can go here.

Pledges – Cleis Press

With This Cowboy I Love So Freely *

Bad Boy Billionaires – The Vegas Shark (See link below for Bad Boy Billionaire books)

Bad Boy Billionaires – The Wall Street Shark

Bad Boy Billionaires – The Actor Learning to Love

A Life Filled with Awesome Love *

Cherry Soda Cowboy


Internal Desires

List of books in Bad Boy Billionaire Series Link to Amazon Page

The Ivy League Rake – Published

Wall Street Shark – Published

Vegas Gambler – Published

The Actor Learning to Love – Published

Silicon Valley Internet Entrepreneur – Finished; not published yet

Texas Oil Tycoon – Finished; not published yet

Palm Beach Real Estate Mogul – Finished; not published yet

Small Town Best selling Romance Author – Not Finished
As you can see, I’ve been busy so far this year, and I didn’t mention a few things that will be coming out soon, like a German Anthology with Bruno Gmunder or my indie anthology, The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance. I only have one book left in the eight book contract I signed with ravenous romance. Though all the books have not been released, all but one are finished.
As a side note, all the titles above with an asterisk above were published by, and as I’ve already posted they are going out of business at the end of this month. So all my titles with them will be re-released this summer by Ryan Field Press (about thirty two) as indie books, and priced at .99 in the very beginning…even the anthology. I wanted control over those stories this time, and I wanted to know that they will never be orphaned again.
I wish I had dates for the upcoming Bad Boy Billionaire books, but I never know when they will be released until a few days before. I post as quickly as I find out (smile). Next on the list, update Amazon page soon.