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Under The Tuscan Gun: My Favorite New Web Site and TV Show

I recently had verizon fios installed after years of dealing with comcast cable. I don’t have any huge complaints about comcast, like so many people I know. I only changed because verizon was doing great offers and I like saving money.

It wasn’t easy…getting used to verizon. The channels are different, the menu is different, and everything else is completely different from comcast. The first few days I felt as if I’d lost a best friend. And I don’t even watch that much TV…about two hours at night…and it’s usually The Golden Girls reruns.

However, the one thing that got me through the transition was an On Demand segment titled, UNDER THE TUSCAN GUN. One night I was searching through the On Demand section and saw the title. As it happens, I’m working on a new novel right now where there’s a Tuscan themed restaurant in the sub-plot, and I tend to get carried away while I’m writing and I become involved in everything that my characters are experiencing. If I see anything associated with Tuscany and food, I’m there.

UNDER THE TUSCAN GUN got me through the transition. Basically, it’s a cooking show, On Demand, with real endearing people, wonderful hearty recipes, and natural charm that never stops. Gabriele Corcos seems to do most of the show, but his adorable wife (couldn’t find her name on the web site, but she’s in the photo above.)I can’t recommend this show more. And there’s also a web site, too. I’m even thinking of trying out some of the recipes myself. Though I’m not much of a cook, there are a few I think I can handle. So stay tuned for more posts…with possibly a few cooking pics to go along with them.