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Ryan Field Books Published Since January 2013

I hope most people know that when I title my blog posts like “Ryan Field Books Published Since January 2013” I do this with search engines in mind.I’m not famous enough to just title a blog post with “My Books Published Since January.” And my ego isn’t large enough. I have to actually use my own name or search engines aren’t going to pick that up. That’s Blogging 101 for those who don’t know. You learn these little secrets as a blogger the more you do it. In a way it’s like the time my one book Skater Boy was banned for having the word “boy” in it, even though it had nothing to do with underage characters.

But I digress. This post is focused on the works I’ve had published since January. I’ve started doing things like this for myself, because readers will often ask me things like this and I honestly don’t have a clue half the time. I have to go back and dig the information up, and even now I’m not completely certain I’ve added everything.

Fangsters: Clan of the Jersey Boys. You can find this one here, here, and here.

With This Cowboy I Love So Freely. You can find it herehere, and here, as well as other online outlets where e-books are sold.

Bad Boy Billionaires: The Wall Stree Shark. You can find this one here and here.

Bad Boy Billionaires: The Vegas Shark (my own favorite so far in the series). You can find that here, and here.

Cherry Soda Cowboy. Short story self-published by Ryan Field Press. You can find it here, and I’ll post more links soon.

I’m not counting a few of the books I was in with print publishers, like one in Germany, because I’m not sure if they are available yet. I will update, though, if I find them.