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My Releases on; FREE Excerpt Sheriff and Outlaw

My Releases on

As I’ve posted previously, getting back listed books up on web sites where digital books are sold is not as simple as it sounds…especially if the back list is long. We finally put up most of the former titles on ARe, and here’s a list of those that went live today.


Another Regular Bud (Sequel to “A Regular Bud”)

A Young Widow’s Promise (This was originally published under “R. Field” because it’s not gay fiction and the publisher thought it was important to do. I decided to keep it with my won name this time. It is a historical with hetero main characters, but there is a gay subplot.)

A Regular Bud

A Life Filled with Awesome Love (This is a long 12,000 word short story, or a short novella.)

FREE Excerpt Sheriff and Outlaw

Here’s the raw (unedited) version excerpt of a new full length novel I just submitted to the publisher today, The Sheriff and the Outlaw.


When Sebastian loses his wonderful husband of ten years in an accident, he’s not only emotionally devastated, but also financially ruined. He can’t turn to family because they turned their backs on him when he told them he was gay, and Sebastian’s late husband owed so much he’s about to lose everything, including the mobile home he spent so many years making perfect. But just when Sebastian thinks there’s no hope at all, he inherits the meager estate of a distant uncle he’s never even met.

The fictional town of picturesque Glendora Hill, Texas appears to be perfect, which is exactly what Sebastian and his teenage son need after all the heartache they’ve gone through. But it’s not going to be easy. And as they begin to make new lives in this odd but friendly little town so far from their lives in Houston, Sebastian stops playing by the rules for a while. That is until the town’s cowboy sheriff, Avery Baldwin, confronts Sebastian about a few rules he’s overlooked.

As Sebastian rebuilds his life and the dilapidated property he inherited, with perfectly pruned shrubbery, a bright white porch swing, and two very strapping young studs he takes in as tenants, he also discovers a few secrets about his past through the one man who seems to understand him. And as the secrets of Sebastian’s childhood unfold and emotions he thought were dead forever begin to reawaken, he’s terrified of the only man who can actually help him move forward.
           By that time Sebastian knew the sheriff wasn’t a mean man. He smiled and signed the check. As he handed it to Avery across the desk he said, “I can see I’m not going to win with you. Is that all?”
            “Just one more thing,” Avery said. “You’ll have to write a check for a sign fee.”
            “A sign fee?”
            Avery laughed. “There’s a two hundred dollar fee for hanging a business sign out front. All the businesses in town are required to pay it. But that’s only a one-time fee.”
            Sebastian made a face and ripped another check from his black leather folder. He made the check out to the Borough of Glendora Hill, signed it, and handed it over to Avery.
            “I almost forgot,” Avery said. “This one is the most important. There’s the sheriff’s fee, too.”
            “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Sebastian said. So far all these ridiculous fees were starting to sound like one huge scam to him.
            “Seriously,” Avery said. “In order to date the sheriff you have to pay another fifty dollars.”
            It took a moment for Sebastian to realize he was joking. At first he didn’t process it. But when it sank in he smiled at Sheriff Avery Baldwin and said, “What if I pass on that one, and I don’t date the sheriff?”

            “Then the sheriff would have to put you over his knee and spank you,” Avery said, as he cracked his right palm with his left.
            Although Sebastian hadn’t intended to get this personal with the sheriff, he’d never been against a harmless little spanking or flirting. He sent Avery a sideways glance and laughed. “I’ll take the spanking. I have no more money.”
            Avery’s eyebrows went up and he laughed. “I had a feeling you would.”
            Then Sebastian stood up and reached over to shake the sheriff’s hand. He didn’t want to get this personal with anyone. “I really have to get back now. One of my tenants is doing me a favor and planting boxwoods today and I don’t want him doing the work all alone. But it was very interesting meeting you. I hope you come to the grand opening in a few weeks.” He wasn’t flirting. If anything he was trying to be nice without getting any closer to Avery because he felt a connection to him that was hard to explain. Avery was the kind of guy he could get serious with, but he didn’t want to get serious with anyone at that point in his life.
            Avery stood up and took his hand. He held it tightly and said, “What about our date. And the spanking. Don’t forget about that.”
            For such a discreet, conservative man, he had aggressive tendencies Sebastian admired. “I would love to go out with you as soon as the grand opening is over. I have so much work to do right now I’m not even sure what day of the week it is half the time. And, I do have a teenage son and I’d have to explain that to him. He comes first. So for right now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to put dating anyone on hold for a while.”
            Avery released his hand and said, “That’s good enough for me. Actually, I admire that. Good luck with everything, and if you need any help let me know. I’m always willing to lend a helping hand.” He smiled and cracked one palm against the other again.
            As Sebastian turned to leave, he sent Avery a backward glance and said, “I’m sure you are, sheriff. And thanks for everything. I mean that. I was so worried.”
            On his way out he noticed Angie had returned from lunch and he nodded and smiled in her direction. She was pretending to file a few papers but Sebastian had a feeling she’d been trying to listen to his conversation with the sheriff.
            As he headed toward the half door that would lead him into the hallway, Angie said, “I’m looking forward to the grand opening. I’ll be there bright and early with mom and pop.”
            “Thanks,” Sebastian said. “We’ll be open from nine in the morning until six at night, and every day thereafter except for Wednesdays.”
            On the way out of the building, he felt a sinking feeling in his stomach all at once. Then his face grew warm and his heart began to race. When it dawned on him this would be the first time in his life he had ever held a full time job it overwhelmed him. It wasn’t that he hadn’t worked hard his entire life taking care of Dan, Kick, and doing the part time retail jobs. And he’d always been a reliable, responsible employee wherever he’d worked. He showed up fifteen minutes early and left fifteen minutes late. He’d even had former employers beg him to work full time because of his work ethic, but Dan had always preferred him working part time and taking care of the house and family things full time. Sebastian had preferred it that way, too. He’d never had the urge to have a career or work full time outside the home in any capacity. And now here he was, pushing thirty, no husband, and this never ending business he’d started looming over his head day and night.
            As he headed back to the parking lot to his car, he was so engrossed in his own thoughts he almost didn’t hear the shout from across the street. The woman who owned the dress shop, the one who had been seeing Judd, was speaking to him and he stopped short and turned to look at her.
            “I’m sorry,” Sebastian said. “I didn’t hear you.”
            “I was just saying that I can’t wait for the grand opening on Labor Day,” she said. She was leaning back against the rail of her front porch, next to a huge urn of red potted geraniums that were so perfect they didn’t look real. He knew they were real. No one in Glendora Hill would have dared plant anything fake.
            “Thanks,” he said. He figured Judd must have told her who he was. “We’re working hard to make it a lot of fun for the whole town.” He was so used to speaking in terms of being part of a couple after all those years of being married, he didn’t realize he’d made this mistake.
            “I’ve heard all about it from Judd,” she said. When she mentioned Judd’s name her expression grew somber, as if she were angry now. “He says you boys are working all the time over there. Judd tells me everything, and I mean everything.”
            If there was one thing most in the world Sebastian hated it was being referred to as a boy. He was a grown man, with a son of his own, not a little boy. Though he felt like correcting her, he didn’t want to get on her bad side, so he forced a smile and said, “Judd’s been a big help. I’m Sebastian, by the way.” He also had no idea about whether or not Judd had mentioned he was bi-sexual and that they were having sex once in a while.
            She sent him a smug grin, turned back toward her dress shop, and said, “Don’t I know it. I’m Luanne.”
            After that comment, she went into the shop without looking back. He had a feeling Judd had said something. So when he returned to the house and found Judd packing dirt around the last boxwood, he parked up front and walked over to him. He glanced at the round boxwoods and said, “They look great. But I told you to wait. I wanted to help.”
            Judd’s entire body was drenched in perspiration by then. It literally dripped down his bulging chest muscles and made wet spots on his jeans. He wiped his brow with the back of his hand and said, “I don’t mind, and you can do all the mulching. I have to go into town. I promised a friend I’d have a late lunch with her.”
            Sebastian knew he was talking about the woman who owned the dress shop. “This friend is the woman who owns the dress shop in town, isn’t she? Her name is Luanne.”
            “Yes,” Judd said, setting the shovel done next to the wheel barrow. “The blond woman in her thirties. She’s a great lady.”
            “I know,” Sebastian said. “I spoke to her a few minutes ago when I was leaving the sheriff’s office.”
            “How did that go?” Judd asked. “Did the permits cost a fortune?”
            He wanted to talk about the woman in the dress shop, not the permits. “It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It wasn’t cheap, but I won’t have to skip a meal yet.”
            “Well that’s good,” he said. He was so sweaty even the bulge in his jeans was damp.
            But Sebastian resisted the urge to flirt with him, in spite of how sexy he looked standing there with no shirt, with dirt all over his hands, dripping in sweat. “I’m curious about something. How much does the woman in the dress shop, Luanne, know about you?”
            It seemed as if Judd caught on to him all at once. He flung Sebastian and glance and said, “She knows I’m bi-sexual. But I never said a word about us. I don’t kiss and tell.”
            Judd seemed excited now, as if he were upset. “Simmer down,” Sebastian said. “I didn’t mean it that way. I know you wouldn’t say anything about us. I just wanted to know if she knew you were bi-sexual.”
            “I had to be honest with her,” Judd said. “It wouldn’t be right not to tell her the truth.”
            Sebastian smiled and reached for his bicep. He squeezed it gently and said, “And that’s what I like most about you, Judd. You’re always honest.”

            “You’re not mad at me for telling her, are you?”
            “Of course not,” Sebastian said. “That’s up to you, and it’s none of my business.” Then he looked to see if anyone was watching. When he knew it was safe, he patted Judd on the bottom and said, “Now go take a shower and get out of here. You’ve done enough hard work for one day. I’ll go up and change and do the mulch alone. I don’t mind. I actually like doing it.”

            A few minutes later, he waved as Judd backed his new pick-up truck out of the driveway. Though he knew Judd was going to visit Luanne, and most likely have sex with her, he felt no jealousy or discomfort. But he was worried about her. Women like her had a sixth sense about men like him, and he knew she suspected he was playing around with Judd even though Judd had never said anything. It wasn’t something Judd had to tell her. She could guess this on her own without having to be told. It didn’t bother Sebastian in a literal sense. He just wanted her to know for certain that what he did with Judd was not leading anywhere, and that he had no intentions of ever getting serious with Judd. The only reason this was important to Sebastian was because he’d seen the look on her face when she’d mentioned Judd, and she clearly had future plans for good old Judd that didn’t include Sebastian.