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PayPal’s Side of the Censorship Issue

I just read a blog post written by PayPal’s, Anuj Nayar, Director of Communications, which explains PayPal’s side of the recent censorship issue that seems to have everyone up in arms…an understatement.

I’ve posted about how I’ve been affected and I don’t even write, as Mr. Nayar states, “rape, incest or bestiality”…and never will either. In my case, I was caught in the crossfire of censorship because of certain harmless tags that are part of the banned list.

For me the issue is more about how things tend to mushroom whenever books are banned and censored…to the point where people who aren’t even part of the issue are targeted. I personally don’t care about PayPal’s moral stand on any issue. Morally, I’m not fond of rape, incest, or bestiality either. But I’m less fond of censorship of any kind. And while I respect the right for every business owner to do as he or she pleases, I don’t have to like it or patronize it.

Check out the blog post here.