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The Virgin Billionaire’s Hot Amish Escapade

I’ll post more later this week about THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S HOT AMISH ESCAPADE. But here’s the basic info, both the publisher’s back cover description and the one I submitted to them.

Publisher’s Blurb:

The Virgin Billionaire’s Hot Amish Escapade — Synopsis

Jase and Luis planned the perfect family Thanksgiving- and a little getaway in Amish country the week before, just for the two of them. They weren’t expecting the company of a couple of hot college men, or for Jase to suddenly get amnesia and forget his own name!

With unseen danger lurking, will they make it home for Thanksgiving? Or will they ever make it home at all?

Find out in The Virgin Billionaire’s Hot Amish Escapade!

My Blurb, raw:

It’s the week before Thanksgiving at Cider Mill Farm and Luis and Jase are winding down from three hectic months. Luis has planned a glorious Thanksgiving dinner, with a twenty-eight pound turkey and wet bottom shoe fly pie, and he’s invited all their friends and family, including Jase’s ninety-something year old grandmother, Isabelle.

And Jase, being the thoughtful husband, has planned a romantic get-away the week before Thanksgiving so he and Luis can spend a few nights alone making love in a remote cabin in the woods in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. But Jase didn’t plan on sharing the cabin with two good looking college guys. And Jase didn’t plan on getting amnesia and losing his memory just when he needs it the most.

The dreary little town in Pennsylvania Dutch Country turns out to be nothing like the charmed touristy Amish towns Luis has read about. And the people are nothing like the cute Amish guys who work at Luis’s favorite Pennsylvania Dutch Market. Most of all, Luis never thought he’d see the day when Jase couldn’t even remember his own name. And when they all wind up trapped there because of the weather, Luis begins to panic.

Luis isn’t sure he can depend on Jase anymore because Jase can’t remember anything. So Luis places his trust in a handsome young medical student named, Matthias, and hopes he’ll get back to Cider Mill Farm in time for Thanksgiving Day.

But there’s an odd twist that neither Luis nor Jase could have planned in their wildest dreams. And what should have been a quiet, romantic trip to Amish Country turns out to be one of the most dangerous situations Luis and Jase have ever encountered.

New Release in Virgin Billionaire Series: Virgin Billionaire’s Dream House

Here is a link to the latest book in the Virgin Billionaire series, THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S DREAM HOUSE.

I’ll post more, as usual. I’ll be adding my cover copy here on the blog because the publisher must have hired someone new and the cover copy on the retail web sites is a little thin. But basic product details are the book is a full length novel (I think 65,000 words), I added the publisher’s link today but it will be on all retail web sites where books are sold, and it can be downloaded as a print book on amazon.

Also, for those who are still learning about e-books, you can download e-books to your computer and read then on your computer. There’s a huge misconception out there that you need an e-reader. You don’t. I have two e-readers, but I’ve read many e-books on my computer, including a lot of the books I read as a judge for the Rainbow Awards.

Why Am I Posting about a "Spiritual" Book Titled, Don’t Take Your Treasure with You?

I’m posting about it because a friend and client, Curt von Dornheim, just released this book as a .99 Kindle e-book and I’m helping him spread the word. It’s a spritual/self-help type of book, written without a lot of metaphysical jargon.

Curt has been one of my editorial clients for the past nine years. Right now, he’s my only editorial client and the only reason I keep him is because I love the way he writes and I love his work.

But I had nothing to do with this e-book. When he approached me about doing this I told him I’d help him promote, but that I knew nothing about self-publishing and I didn’t have the time to learn right now. So he found a friend who would help him, and the book was just released yesterday.

I’ve personally read the book from cover to cover, from its inception in long hand on lined paper to the printed manuscript, and I don’t have a problem recommending it.

I did notice a mistake in the title on Amazon, which leads me to wonder about whether or not there are any other mistakes. But I hope for Curt’s sake there aren’t any. If I’d been helping him you can be damn sure the title mistake wouldn’t have happened. But there’s only so many ways a person can divide their time. And this has been a busy summer and it’s not getting any slower.

Here’s the link to Amazon. I don’t know if they are giving out any samples or not. I’m not fond of Amazon’s product descriptions at all. But I do think this is a worth while book to read…even if there are a few mistakes…for pleasure. It covers a few interesting topics and Curt is one of those authors who draws people into the book.

New Book Cover…

Here’s a sneak peak at the new book cover for AMERICAN STAR. It’s going to be released here on February 15th and I thought I’d post it ahead of time.
The storyline is loosely based on the long running TV show, American Idol. But in this book there’s a vicious contestant who will do anything to win, a talented young singer who is being stalked by a deranged fan, and a surprise season finale that no one could have predicted.
Here’s the back cover copy:
Terrence Lorenzo, depressed about his nowhere job and his lackluster relationship with his old high school boyfriend, Kevin, conceives the idea of auditioning for a reality show in New York, where the winner is guaranteed a chance to become the hottest new pop star in America. He’s not sure he’ll win, but he decides to take a chance on the audition anyway.

Jude Foster, another singer in the competition, is attracted to Terrence, but he’s also devoted to his overbearing mother and determined to win the competition at all cost. And when they are both selected to go to Hollywood, an emotional rollercoaster ensues that leaves Terrence extremely satisfied in bed, but just as disillusioned in the romance department as he was before the show. In order to fill the void, he takes on a long list of anonymous lovers for the first time in his life.
As the contestants rehearse and the show gains in ratings, a disgruntled fan starts sending Terrence death threats. The sex between Terrence and Jude takes a surprise turn in the wrong direction, and Terrence learns that he had to travel all the way to Hollywood only to discover that what he really wanted all along was in his own backyard.