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FREE Gay E-Book This Weekend: Meadows Are Not Forever

FREE Gay E-Book This Weekend: Meadows Are Not Forever

I’ve been really busy with family things and a full work load this past year and I’ve been remiss about doing any freebies, which is my bad. I know how much readers enjoy these things, and I like doing them myself. It’s one of the perks of being an indie author. I get to call the shots on freebies, not the publisher.

So, I’m putting Meadows Are Not Forever up for free this weekend, until Monday, and I’m posting the links below.

I’ve also checked all links and they are stating “free”…you never know.





Google Books


I didn’t list Amazon, because Amazon prefers an exclusive in order to put up books for free. But if you check Amazon they may or may not price match and put the book up for free anyway. If not, that’s one thing that’s out of my control. I would prefer to have the book on Amazon for free, too. It’s just not that simple to do.

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