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2012 Rainbow Book Fair…

The photo above contains the book plates I have to sign and mail back to someone who will be at the 2012 Rainbow Book Fair in New York this March. These are book plates for my publisher, For those who don’t know, book plates are now what authors and publishers often use for signed autographs. With digital books, because there are no actual books for authors to sign, readers who love digital books collect signed book plates and keep them in a variety of ways. Some have albums; others stick them right to their e-readers. I know that if Jonathan Franzen sent me a signed book plate, I’d paste it to my chest and show it to everyone and anyone I met.

But I digress. check out the link to the 2012 Rainbow Book Fair. And if you’re going to be in Manhattan that weekend, you might want to stop by. I’m trying to figure out a way to be there myself. I’m supposed to be out of town until the 30Th of March. But if I can make it I will post about it here on the blog beforehand.