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Book Pirates Leaving Reviews on Amazon? Huh?

I read something interesting about book pirates allegedly leaving reviews and ratings on web sites like amazon. I guess the key word is alleged. I’d like to think that all amazon reviews are at least left by someone who has purchased the book. It’s one thing for book pirates to leave reviews on book pirate web sites. That’s up to them. But there’s something a little creepy…in an Anthony Weiner Internet way…about knowing someone had the balls to download a file for free, and then leave a nasty review about it. That’s kind of like going to dinner at a friend’s house and dissing the food afterward.

There is one author I won’t mention who has been tracking reviews of one person/amazon reviewer in particular. And she’s been finding a pattern of sorts. And it’s a little disturbing. I think if I were a book pirate and if I were leaving reviews on web sites like amazon, I’d think twice about what happened to Anthony Weiner this past month. Nothing on the Internet is private. You may think it is, but there is always someone watching. And sooner or later you’ll slip up.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t make things better for readers like me who pay for their e-books. Now we’re not sure which reviews we can trust and which we can’t.