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A Busy Friday: New Book Cover, Bestseller List on Fictionwise, and Great News about Red Silk Press

Since it’s been such a busy week I’m making this a three fold post to save time.

First, here’s the new cover for a brand new release, KEVIN LOVES COWBOYS. Dawne Dominique did this one, as she does all my covers for, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I provided a few suggestions, and she came up with this all on her own. And how she knew that scroll pattern was my all time favorite pattern in the world was just pure luck.

Second, my stand alone e-book, IT’S NICE TO BE NAUGHTY, has been on one of the fictionwise bestseller lists for well over a week. I’m not boasting about it for the sake of boasting. But this book has a byline that reads, R. Field, instead of Ryan Field. And that’s because this isn’t a m/m romance or lgbt fiction. The main characters in this story are straight and I didn’t want to confuse my m/m romance readers. I love writing lgbt fiction and m/m romance, however, I have been vocal in my support to all the straight authors out there writing lgbt fiction, especially the women, and I like knowing that I can write a story with straight characters that actually sells copies just as much as a straight author can write lgbt fiction. Personally, I like to think that if you’re a professional career writer you can write a good story about anything, and your sexual preference and gender shouldn’t stop you from doing this.

Third, I just found out yesterday that the anthology, BOYS OF THE BITE, with one of my short stories, THE DEVIL’S HALF ACRE, has been sold to Red Silk Press in collaboration with ravenous romance. This is great news for everyone, and it means the book and the authors will get a lot more exposure. Here’s the announcement as it came to me.

More good news: as some of you know, paranormal non-fiction publisher Red Wheel Weiser has started an imprint for paranormal fiction, partnered with Ravenous. The imprint is called Red Slik, and Boys of the Bite has been chosen for the spring 2011 Red Silk list!


In the next week or so, a new book titled, THE GHOST AND MR. MOORE, will be released by ravenous romance in the m/m section. I wrote this one, like a few of the others, as another gay interpretation of a classic romance. I’ll keep readers posted with updates about when the book will be released.

Here’s an image of the book cover. It was nothing like I expected it to be, and I’m extremely happy with it. The artist captured the images of both main characters in perfect detail.
And, today I’m supposed to be getting a google wave invite. When I do and I start using it, I’ll do a blog post about google wave and what it’s all about. And if I get any invites for other people, contact me if you seriously want one.

New Book Cover…

Here’s a sneak peak at the new book cover for AMERICAN STAR. It’s going to be released here on February 15th and I thought I’d post it ahead of time.
The storyline is loosely based on the long running TV show, American Idol. But in this book there’s a vicious contestant who will do anything to win, a talented young singer who is being stalked by a deranged fan, and a surprise season finale that no one could have predicted.
Here’s the back cover copy:
Terrence Lorenzo, depressed about his nowhere job and his lackluster relationship with his old high school boyfriend, Kevin, conceives the idea of auditioning for a reality show in New York, where the winner is guaranteed a chance to become the hottest new pop star in America. He’s not sure he’ll win, but he decides to take a chance on the audition anyway.

Jude Foster, another singer in the competition, is attracted to Terrence, but he’s also devoted to his overbearing mother and determined to win the competition at all cost. And when they are both selected to go to Hollywood, an emotional rollercoaster ensues that leaves Terrence extremely satisfied in bed, but just as disillusioned in the romance department as he was before the show. In order to fill the void, he takes on a long list of anonymous lovers for the first time in his life.
As the contestants rehearse and the show gains in ratings, a disgruntled fan starts sending Terrence death threats. The sex between Terrence and Jude takes a surprise turn in the wrong direction, and Terrence learns that he had to travel all the way to Hollywood only to discover that what he really wanted all along was in his own backyard.