Boardwalk Empire Male Full Frontal Nudity Revisted; The Rainbow Detective Agency by Ryan Field

Boardwalk Empire Male Full Frontal Nudity

Sometimes I like to revisit a few of the posts I’ve done over the years. This one dates back to October 2012 and it still receives hits…to my surprise. I’m not even that fond it of. At the time, I never took it all that seriously. Evidently it’s a topic that must resonate with a lot of people. 

From my archives:

We don’t often see full frontal male nudity on TV, or even in feature films. And as an erotic romance author with over one hundred published works of fiction, I’ve always found that interesting. I do think there’s a reason for this. I know some might disagree, and some would think this topic isn’t important. But it’s not something I see discussed often and when I see male full frontal in films and on TV I get curious.
We see breasts, a lot of ass, occasionally vagina, and pelvis shots, but never full frontal penis shots. So is there a double standard? Some might say we objectify women more than men. I think that’s true to a certain extent, but I also think there might be another reason. More and more men are being objectified these days, but they still aren’t showing everything.

I actually remember a web site a long time ago that was devoted to this very theme. They would follow films and TV shows where there was male full frontal nudity and post about it. It was always sketchy at best, with very little to see. And as I recall, there was a huge “thing” about Colin Farrell’s male full frontal scene being removed from A Home at the End of the World because everyone thought it would be too distracting.

But last night on Boardwalk Empire Bobby Cannavale, who plays Gyp Rosetti, bared it all in a kinky sex scene that rivals anything I’ve seen on TV before with regard to male full frontal nudity. He not only showed penis, he showed it in a scene that lasted more than a split second. As one of my pithier writer friends on facebook would say, “Jebus Crisp, that thing was swinging back and forth.”

It even bounced a few times, too.

And that’s because it couldn’t help itself. Anything that big is NOT going to remain stationary while a man walks naked down a hallway. And Bobby Cannavale was walking slowly. If he’d been running he would have had to hold it down with both hands.

The scene in which he showed all his full frontal began with Bobby having sex with a woman, both naked in a sleazy hotel room, with one end of a belt tied around Bobby’s neck and the other tied to the bed post. Actually, that would have been enough for one book reviewer I know to shudder and cross her legs. But that scene led into one of those glorious fake gruesome massacres, with fake guns, plenty of fake blood, and everyone in the scene dying except Bobby Cannavale. When everyone was dead, Cannavale got up and started walking around in a daze, with the belt still tied around his neck and his penis swinging back and forth.

Of course you had to watch closely. I DRV Boardwalk Empire, so I rewound the scene a few times just to be sure I wasn’t imagining it. Even though it was a longer full frontal shot than most, you could have missed it if you turned for a moment to get a snack. A few times Cannavale’s head blocked the view. But it was there, in a rare moment of male full frontal we never see anywhere in the mainstream.

My theory as to why we rarely ever see male full frontal in films or TV shows is that most male actors are not willing to show what they have because they might be afraid is doesn’t measure up to what viewers might expect of them. Would Tom Cruise have become the star he is if we’d seen a full frontal shot of him early in his career and it didn’t measure up to what we expected? What about Ben Affleck?

I doubt anyone would throw Bobby Cannavale out of bed if he hadn’t been blessed with something that impressive between his legs. He’s a seriously good looking guy, in his forties, with a great body, and he’s an excellent actor, too. But Cannavale is lucky in this respect. In this department there’s a lot of pressure on men with regard to penis size and I’m sure a lot of actors don’t want to take that risk. There was a great parody of this subject in a recent film I saw with Owen Wilson where Wilson is intimidated by a guy with a large penis in a locker room scene. And I wouldn’t throw Owen Wilson out of bed for anything.

Women in films can get away with more in this regard because there seems to be varied opinions about breast sizes. Some like them big, others like them little and perky. But you rarely hear anyone say, “Wow, I like the smallest penis I can find, especially when it’s little and perky.” And, at a glance, vagina is vagina. I’m sure some would disagree with me here, but I’m talking about at a glance.

So I doubt we’ll be seeing more male frontal nudity in the near future, unless they use stand-ins or some kind of prosthetic. It’s just too intimidating for some actors and there’s an unspoken bias that seems to linger beneath the surface all the time. We hear all the time that size doesn’t matter. I’ve seen articles and blog posts written about how cliched it is to write male characters in erotic romances with extra large ones. But would people read an erotic novel if the main character had a small penis?

They say size doesn’t matter, but I disagree…at least with respect to male full frontal nudity in films and on TV. I doubt Bobby Cannavale would have opted to do THAT scene if he’d been born with a pinkie finger between his legs. 

The Rainbow Detective Agency

The Wedding

Bobby Cannavale Soft Porn; Davey Wavey Measures His Penis; 8 Stupid Things About Being Gay

Bobby Cannavale Soft Porn

I’m a fan of Bobby Cannavale, and was long before he did the male full frontal nude scene in Boardwalk Empire. In fact, I stopped watching Boardwalk Empire after they killed off his character. It was a good series of fiction wrapped around real life, but in the end they kept killing off the characters I loved the most, which frustrated me. And the big problem was they didn’t introduce new characters that could compete with the old.

In any event, here’s a link to information about a film with Bobby Cannavale that was based on the life of Linda Lovelace. The title is Lovelace, and oddly enough our good gay baiting buddy, James Franco, was up for the lead but didn’t get it.

Lovelace is a 2013 American biographical drama film about porn actress Linda Boreman, better known as Linda Lovelace. It covers the part of her life when she was “20 to 32”.[8] Directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, the film was written by Andy Bellin and stars Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone, Adam Brody, and Juno Temple. The film had its world premiere on January 22, 2013, at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and opened in a U.S. limited release on August 9, 2013.

You can check that out here. It’s a great film and Cannavale plays an interesting part.

Davey Wavey Measures His Penis

This one is a little old, but it’s kind of amusing. I saw it last night and I don’t remember posting about it at the time. Davey Wavey and Pornster, Jake Bass, did this online inches deal and measured their dicks. Davey Wavey claims normal is 5 1/4 inches while Bass says it’s 7 inches. I’m more inclined to agree with Davey, at least from my experience.

In any event:

But at least there’s one thing these boys can agree on: Most men don’t know how to measure their dicks at all, regardless of their size. That’s why they’re offering a handy tutorial on how to measure your dick in “online inches,” which basically amounts to doubling whatever measurement you’ve taken.

Sounds kind of like something people do for Grindr to get dates or hook up.

You can watch the video here.    

The comments won’t surprise you.

8 Questionable Things About Being Gay

Here’s another article written about gay men that could be questioned by gay men who don’t fit the description. I don’t even like to post about these things anymore, but I do it so that somewhere, somehow, someone might “get” it. In this case the real title of the piece is Here Are Eight Great Things About Being Gay.

In one section he posts gay men can’t get pregnant…stating the obvious.

This could be questioned:

8. Gay bars

Face it, gay bars are superior to straight bars. The music is more fun, the drinks are more potent, and the people are in better shape (except for maybe at bear bars), not to mention better dressed (ditto). Most importantly, there’s not that awful denigration towards women you see at douchebag straight bars. Sure, we oogle each other, but no one feels subjugated (unless, of course, they want to).

He not only implies all gay men go to gay bars, he insults straight people, too. Not to mention the fact that gay bars are, and have been, closing down little by little all over the US thanks to hook up apps and lifestyle changes.

How about this one:

6. Open relationships

While there are certainly plenty of gay couples who practice monogamy, open relationships are much more common (or at least commonly discussed) among gay couples than among straight ones. And, no, that doesn’t mean the gay guys in said relationships are sluts (unless they want to be) or that they aren’t still deeply committed to one another. It just means they’re able to separate NSA sex from real love, and they know how to appreciate both simultaneously without all the petty drama.

Maybe this is sarcasm I’m not getting?

I could continue to dispute every word this guy writes, but it’s not worth it. The rest of the mess is here.

This comes from the comment thread and I think this guy is the one who really speaks for many of  us:

Wow. 8 shallow, ridiculous points. Are we really that plastic?

And anyone can dress well or dress poorly. I’m gay. I don’t dress in expensive clothes… I sometimes find nice stuff to wear, but I also have my style (considering urban). 

And gay bars aren’t all that great from my experience. Some gay clubs are good in Los Angeles (Arena+Circus for one… but they are said to be shutting their doors this year).

And there you go. This isn’t just me questioning all these things. There are millions of gay men all over the world who are getting tired of this kind of stereotypical article filled with inaccuracy and misinformation.

The Rainbow Detective Agency Book 2