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Next Amazon KDP Release: "A Sign From Heaven Above"

I haven’t posted anything about my work with the Amazon KDP program in a while because I’ve been busy working on contracted books for publishers. But I’m getting close to releasing another KDP book very soon and I wanted to mention it.

This time it’s a story titled, “A Sign From Heaven Above.” It’s an original story that has never been published anywhere before, it’s gay erotic romance, and it runs about 8,000 words. It will also be priced at .99 just like my other KDP releases on Amazon.

Raw Blurb:

Although Ricky is starting to get his new life together in Los Angeles, he still misses his long time partner, Max, of Twenty years who died suddenly. The fact that there was a twenty year age difference between Ricky and his late partner makes things even worse, and Ricky finds himself trying to figure out how to begin his life all over again at the age of forty years old when most people are just beginning to sink into their lives.

The reason he moved to LA in the first place was because there were too many memories of Max in New York to start again. But things don’t seem to be getting better, at least not until Ricky meets his next foor neighbor, Grayson, for the first time. And although he’s not sure about Grayson at first, he is attracted to him and Grayson’s aggressive personality makes him smile more than he’s smiled since Max’s death. But in order to move forward with Grayson, and to know he’s doing the right thing, he needs a sign from heaven. Without that sign, he knows deep down he’ll never feel right about falling in love with another man.  

As I said, this is a raw blurb subject to change before publication…which usually happens at the last minute. But it is the basic storyline and that won’t change. I’m shooting for a release date next month sometime, which I’ll post more about as I get closer to a release date.

I don’t want to get all spiritual in fiction, but I think a lot of people are more superstitious than they would admit to being. When it comes to important life decisions it makes people feel more confident/comfortable if they get a small sign that they are making the right choices. It doesn’t have to be religious and doesn’t have to have anything to do with heaven. But I’ve been around long enough to know that certain things in life seem to fall into place when we least expect them to…as if there’s a pattern to our lives over which we have no control.

And we often find things out about our lives/destinies in the form of little signs from the universe that only we can know and understand. In my case, I’ve always lived in a place with the numbers 1, 4, 6, and 2 in the address. Not in that order; not always at the same time. The home Tony and I owned before this was a combination of two of those numbers…16. The home before that was a different combination of two more of those numbers…42. The home we’ve lived in for the past ten years is an arrangement of all those numbers. And I didn’t always realize it at the time, so it wasn’t a conscious decision to move to places with those numbers. We bought this house before we even knew the address…or cared about it. But these four numbers have been following me around for years.

High Concept: Four Feet Under…

As I posted earlier this week, I remember watching an episode of Sex in the City that handled the subject of foot fetish and it stuck with me for a long time. I wanted to write something about it but nothing ever came to me so I kept putting it off.

Those who know my fiction, know that I don’t always remain in the same venue all the time. Because I sometimes switch gears, so to speak, I feel obligated to let readers know what I’m doing in more detail so they don’t think they are buying one thing and getting another.

Sometimes I do write books I think are far more romance oriented than others I’ve written. TAKE ME ALWAYS is a good example of this. As you can see from this review/comment on allromanceebooks, a reader thought so, too.

OH MY GOD!!! I CRIED MY EYES OUT!. This was a very touching love story with alot of steamy sex. Make sure you have plenty of time to read the entire book in one sitting and a box of kleenex by your side. It was a very close adaptation of The Notebook except the character that was writing the story used a computer. Maybe we should call the book “The Laptop” (tee-hee). Seriously though, it is a great read.

There are times I like to have fun and take a Debbie Macomber trope and add a lot more spice and heat to it. I love Debbie’s books; don’t get me wrong. But just because there’s a basket of puppies in a book doesn’t mean there can’t be good sex, too. And there are just as many readers out there who want to read the sex scenes as there aren’t. There’s room for everyone.

In some cases, I’m often amazed at the double standards sometimes. I read about a popular book reviewer editing an erotic BDSM anthology and then I see on her blog she uses the word “heck” instead of “hell.” I know this is small, maybe even petty. But if you’re bold enough to edit BDSM, which is territory where even I’ve never gone in fiction (seriously,) give me a break with the “heck” bullshit. You’re clearly no saint; you’re allowed to use the word “hell” (smile).

I’m explaining FOUR FEET UNDER WITH MY BUDDIES because it’s not the most romance oriented book I’ve ever written. It’s more new adult, high concept erotica if anything. I’m certain fictionwise will classify this in “fetish.” There is a happy ending, character development, a storyline that would stand alone without the sex, and there could be room for a possible relationship in the future with the characters. But you’re not going to find a basket of puppies in this one.

The gist of the story is focused on one thing: foot fetish. And I tried to keep it lighter, without laughing at it like they did in Sex in the City. It’s one of those awkward topics late night comedians love to joke around about. I can just hear Chelsea Handler now. But the truth is there are obviously a lot of people, gay and straight, out there with foot fetishes and it’s one of those taboo topics no one will ever admit to aloud. And, we tend to laugh at things that hit too close to home and make us a little too nervous.

Here’s the blurb, and if anyone has any questions, please e-mail me.

Young Max is living at home and going to community college to save money. But his social life is nonexistent; he hasn’t been with a man in months. Then one Friday night he decides to go to the school gym and work out because there’s usually no one else around. That’s when he finds two of the hottest guys on campus shooting hoops in the empty gym. He pretends to be disinterested and they eventually follow him into the locker room. When he finds out they are a gay couple looking for a third, he’s stunned. And when they tell him what they want him to do to their feet, he can’t wait for them to take off their shoes.

The Virgin Billionaire’s Hot Amish Escapade

I’ll post more later this week about THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S HOT AMISH ESCAPADE. But here’s the basic info, both the publisher’s back cover description and the one I submitted to them.

Publisher’s Blurb:

The Virgin Billionaire’s Hot Amish Escapade — Synopsis

Jase and Luis planned the perfect family Thanksgiving- and a little getaway in Amish country the week before, just for the two of them. They weren’t expecting the company of a couple of hot college men, or for Jase to suddenly get amnesia and forget his own name!

With unseen danger lurking, will they make it home for Thanksgiving? Or will they ever make it home at all?

Find out in The Virgin Billionaire’s Hot Amish Escapade!

My Blurb, raw:

It’s the week before Thanksgiving at Cider Mill Farm and Luis and Jase are winding down from three hectic months. Luis has planned a glorious Thanksgiving dinner, with a twenty-eight pound turkey and wet bottom shoe fly pie, and he’s invited all their friends and family, including Jase’s ninety-something year old grandmother, Isabelle.

And Jase, being the thoughtful husband, has planned a romantic get-away the week before Thanksgiving so he and Luis can spend a few nights alone making love in a remote cabin in the woods in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. But Jase didn’t plan on sharing the cabin with two good looking college guys. And Jase didn’t plan on getting amnesia and losing his memory just when he needs it the most.

The dreary little town in Pennsylvania Dutch Country turns out to be nothing like the charmed touristy Amish towns Luis has read about. And the people are nothing like the cute Amish guys who work at Luis’s favorite Pennsylvania Dutch Market. Most of all, Luis never thought he’d see the day when Jase couldn’t even remember his own name. And when they all wind up trapped there because of the weather, Luis begins to panic.

Luis isn’t sure he can depend on Jase anymore because Jase can’t remember anything. So Luis places his trust in a handsome young medical student named, Matthias, and hopes he’ll get back to Cider Mill Farm in time for Thanksgiving Day.

But there’s an odd twist that neither Luis nor Jase could have planned in their wildest dreams. And what should have been a quiet, romantic trip to Amish Country turns out to be one of the most dangerous situations Luis and Jase have ever encountered.

"Self’s Blossom" by David Russell

Those who read this blog know I rarely do book reviews. But I will, on occasion, write a blurb about a book I love. And I recently finished reading Self’s Blossom, by David Russell, and wanted to share my thoughts.

Self’s Blossom, by David Russell, is one of those romantic, erotic tales of discovery that’s filled with detailed imagery, well-defined characters, and scenes that are loaded with emotion. Selene is portrayed well as a vibrant main character, and I fell in love with her from the start. The organized mix of realism combined with escapism had me respecting her throughout the entire book, which is extremely important in any erotic romance. This is a very well-written book, with a distinct literary flair, where careful attention is paid to intelligent (and again, very well-written) dialogue that is constantly moving the story forward. The settings are described so well, in fact, I thought I was on holiday myself. The characters are crafted with such detail I felt as if I knew them. And when I was finished reading, I knew they would remain with me for a long time.

Blurbs Are Nice…

When you’re writing two to three thousand words a day, six or seven days a week, it’s hard to focus on anything but the writing. But there’s also a certain amount of work that has to be done in the PR department. And being a writer nowadays isn’t just about the writing: it’s about the selling and promotion, too.

So I try to handle things as they come up, and this week it was all about a blurb. I always hate asking for one. I know it’s important, but I hate making anyone else take time from their busy schedule to write anything for free. But this week I was in contact with the talented multidimensional Owen Keehnen and I remembered to ask if he could write a blurb. Nothing long and detailed…”don’t take to much time”…just something quick.

I started working with Owen Keehnen five years ago. I was just testing the waters with internet publishing, and I stumbled across his name. Until then, I’d always worked in traditional print publishing and wasn’t sure what to expect.

Owen contacted me right away; he liked what I’d sent. And I was both shocked and flattered. I knew his excellent reputation and respected his work. And ever since then, I’ve been submitting material to him. I’ve marked my calendar to write two short stories for Owen with summer deadlines, and he’s asked if he could publish a short story of mine that was in an anthology released about three years ago.

And, he was kind enough to send me this blurb :”Ryan Field has a knack for keeping me up all night. He never disappoints.” …to help promote AMERICAN STAR.