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Ode to a Blog Titled: "Eirik’s Mind"

When I first started my own blog, after years of interviewing personal bloggers for, I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d like blogging. Though I’d always loved reading blogs and getting to know other bloggers, I wasn’t sure about doing it myself. Writing fiction isn’t like blogging. In many ways, they are complete opposites. But I had to decide on whether or not I wanted a formal web site, or an informal blog, and I chose blogging.

At first, I wasn’t sure what to post about. Old blogging buddies, like Ryan Stratton, helped me a lot. I watched how easily they posted, and it gave me more confidence. It wasn’t long before I started to meet other bloggers and build online friendships.

The one thing I learned while I was interviewing bloggers was that blogs come and go. Some stay around for a long time, but many just die off and disappear for various reasons. But there’s one blog in particular, “Eirik’s Mind,” that touched my heart and kept me captive. Eirik blogged about his personal life in a way many bloggers don’t (I know I don’t). At this exact time last year, he was dealing with cancer, going through different therapies, and fighting for his life. But I loved everything about his blog. His voice was strong, his posts were artistic in a natural way, and he seemed to be so articulate about his feelings and his emotions.

I’m talking about Eirik’s blog in the past tense because he stopped posting in January this year. In the past eleven months, I’ve left comments there, asking him how he was doing. But he hasn’t answered them. The blog is still up and I’m still linked to him. I go there several times a week, hoping I’ll see a new post. But each time I go, as each month passes, I start to worry I might not see another post.

For now, I’m hoping Eirik grew bored with blogging and just decided not to continue. I’m picturing him happy and healthy, with too much going on in his life to blog. But whatever the case may be, and wherever he may be right now, I’d like to thank him for opening up his life to all his readers and showing them what it’s really like to appreciate life.

If you don’t have time to follow the link I added, here’s an excerpt from Eirik’s last post.

Ode to Cancer
Don’t be afraid.
I’m going to hurt you good.
Up against the wall;Nails across my back.
Pleasure and Pain,There is no escape.
It’s all the same.
It ain’t no game.
So turn up the heat;Get a grip –
It’s going to get rough.
It’s no dream,No waking up.
It’s okay to scream.
Let it all out.
No escape.
It’s down and dirty.
So, get on your knees and pray.
I’m your victim;You’ll be mine.
You torment me,
Give me your best shot,
Is that your best you got?
That weak ass shit ain’t gonna cut it.
Torture me.
I’ll torture you,You won’t see it coming.
I know your games,I know your ways.
You won’t win.
I’m going to hurt you good.
So give me your best.
I’ll pass every test.
I’m gonna kill you slow.
So, don’t be afraid.
There is no escape.