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Gay Pornster Outs His John; Official Lego Golden Girls; Confetti From Anti-Gay Leaflets

Gay Pornster Outs His John

I posted about the Sean Cody gay adult film actor, Jarec Wentworth, not too long ago, here at this link in case anyone doesn’t know about this.

He was arrested, allegedly, for extortion after his former “John” turned him in. Now it’s getting ugly because Wentworth just outed the John he was supposedly blackmailing. Wentworth’s real name is Teofil Brank.

In a lengthy email obtained by the blog str8upgayporn (LINK NSFW), Teofil claims the man involved is millionaire Republican Donald Burns. Teofil also contends that he’s not only innocent, but is in fact a victim of rape at the hands of Donald.

“The so called ‘VICTIM’ Donald Alan Burns…is a smart and Evil man,” Teofil writes. He goes on to outline a deceptive web of lies intended to set him up to appear as though he were blackmailing Burns.

The way Teofil tells it, Donald was so worried that Teofil would out him that he offered the gifts of expensive cars and cash on his own free accord.

“He was worried I would still come out with the truth…So he set me up to pick up 1 million dollars and that was a set up and the FBI was waiting.”

You almost want to laugh when you hear that. It gets even messier, and there’s another pornster involved. His name is not mentioned. The Republican thing is really starting to irritate me. And that’s because I’ve know several Democrats, in office, who kept younger men on the side and lived completely separate lives from their wives and children. In other words, being gay is a bipartisan deal, whether you like that or not.

You can read the rest here, in more detail.

Unfortunately, I wish I could say this was the first time I’ve heard about something like this. It’s not. In a totally unrelated case that has nothing to do with Jarec Wentworth or his John, I remember a good friend of mine took a homeless guy back to his house one night to be nice, and my poor friend…who was openly gay and much older than the guy he took back…was in shock because the hustler tried to get ten thousand dollars out of him. Yes, you can be the victim of blackmail even if you are openly gay, especially if you’re in a long term relationship and your spouse is away visiting family. Tony and I personally helped my friend straighten THAT out quietly, and my friend didn’t give anyone ten thousand dollars, then or ever. You have to know how to deal with them.

I could tell more stories like this, too. It’s not that uncommon and there are some low end gay men out there who will do anything for a buck. It’s the only way they know how to survive, sadly.

Official Lego Golden Girls

There’s been a scale model of The Golden Girls submitted to Lego for consideration. From what I gather it’s very authentic, from the Golden Girl kitchen to the infamous lanai where Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia solved some of their most important story lines.

The only thing missing are a pair of Lego culottes for Dorothy and, naturally, the lanai. Where are they going to have their mojitos and play naughty bachelorette games every time one of them gets engaged? — which, as true fans of the show know, is pretty often.

There’s more here, with photos. I think I’d buy it.

Confetti From Anti-Gay Leaflets

This normally isn’t something I’d post about because it’s not all that important on a grand scale. However, I recently read an excellent article about the kind subtle sexism you can’t quite prove, here, by Ellen Pao, and I couldn’t help thinking about all the subtle homophobia you can’t quite prove that I hear on any given day of the week.

Of course in this case they are talking about a more aggressive form of homophobia…anti-gay leaflets. But homophobia stings whether it’s aggressive or passive aggressive, and this is a way to turn it around and take some of hurt/insult out. It’s irony at its best.

An Irish paper company has found a creative way of repurposing homophobic leaflets opposing same-sex marriage.

Ireland is scheduled to vote on a same-sex marriage referendum next month. For the past several weeks, opponents have been distributing antigay leaflets claiming that being gay causes cancer and marriage equality “exposes” children to the “sounds of Sodomy.” Now, the owners of Daintree Paper, a small handmade paper shop in Dublin, are taking a stand.

The shop just launched a very special service: Gay wedding confetti! Made from shredded up antigay literature.

The rest is here. 

Now if we can only figure out a creative way to deal with passive aggressive homophobia…the kind you “can’t quite prove.”

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