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Cover Preview: His Only Choice; Romance Boom; Duck Dynasty Ratings Tank

Cover Preview: His Only Choice

Here’s the cover preview for the third installment in the Second Chance series: His Only Choice. It will be released this week, and I’ll post more when it is. Blurb and excerpt can be found in the post previous to this one if you just scroll down.

Romance Boom

This next article is about the recent eight figure deal for Sylvia Day’s Blacklist series, which is a follow up to the Crossfire series. But it also gets into romance and how publishers expect more of a romance boom as a result of the Fifty Shades film release…ya know, thanks to the “Fifty Shades Effect.”

Some publishing executives speculated that another boom in romance books could occur when the film version of “Fifty Shades of Grey” is released early next year. The movie is currently being filmed in Vancouver, with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as its stars.

There are a few comments about romance in general in the article that might twist a few feathers, so be prepared. They seem to attribute Day’s success with the “Fifty Shades Effect.” It’s not my area of expertise, however, I just have to wonder about that. Most of the people I know…not all the most serious readers…bought Fifty Shades and didn’t finish it. I saw it at a yard sale for FIFTY cents last summer and the woman running the yard sale said I could have it for free just to get it out of her house. So could it be that romance as a genre is already a huge market, and that Day’s books made it on their own merit…or would have made it on their own without Fifty Shades and this so-called Fifty Shades effect they are trying to sell us?

And the other thing that bothers me is that “some publishing executives” have been so far off the mark with any predictions or decisions they’ve made in the past few years I would hate to see a decline in romance as a result of this so-called Fifty Shades Effect.

In any event, I don’t think any of this will make a difference to serious romance readers. I’m personally not all that excited about the Fifty Shades film and I’ll wait for it to come on cable. I wanted Matt Bomer to star in it. And it’s not that I’m this huge elitist making judgments. Far from it. I’m actually a pop culture junkie who prefers common usage to perfect grammar and I feel as if the Fifty Shades Effect has come and gone. We’ll see.

You can read more here.

Duck Dynasty Ratings Tank

Here’s where I’ve posted about TV reality show, Duck Dynasty, and the anti-gay comments made by a leading character on the show. I say leading character because I would bet the only thing real about the show is that it’s scripted and produced like any other TV show in the history of television. And according to this article, ratings have tanked. It could be a result of the gay and racial comments. Or, it could be the show just sucks. 

You can read more here.

There was no scandal bump for Duck Dynasty, which experienced across-the-board ratings declines in its return Wednesday.