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Gay Mormon Son; NYT Angers Bisexuals; Morning Joe Snit

Gay Mormon Son

When I read this fascinating conversation between Rich Valenza and Mormon mom, Wendy Williams Montgomery, I couldn’t help sharing it here on the blog. Valenza of RaiseAChild spoke in-depth with Williams Montgomery about her gay son, and about what happened after she found out he was gay. She was aware of what was happening in his life, enough to know there was something wrong, and she did what any good parent would have done…including me…she read his journal.

I spent those two weeks doing nothing but reading everything that I could get my hands on and trying to figure out the best ways to help him. I wanted, when he came out to us, for that to be only love and only support and a really beautiful experience for him and not a horrible, terrifying, scary thing like it is for so many kids. I just wanted him to be surrounded by nothing but love from his parents.

You can read the entire conversation here.

It’s very inspiring to see how she put her son first above everything else.

NYT Angers Bisexuals

There was a piece in the NYT about bisexuality that some bisexuals believe fell short on the most important issues bisexuals face and instead focused on the more sensationalized aspects of bisexuality.

the overall focus was on genitalia, bisexual curiosity and what occurs behind closed doors, instead of the much more pressing social, economic, psychological and cultural issues that affect bisexuals nationwide. Considering the fact that every five, 10, 20 years a new article arises that harps on the so-called “trendiness” of bisexuality as it pertains to bedroom routines, perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising. But it’s beyond time for us to move past this fascination to get to what really matters.

This doesn’t surprise me. I saw a discussion on Twitter the other night about the topic of journalists at publications like the NYT falling short in almost everything these days. In many cases if it’s not sensationalism about questionable healthcare issues it’s just poor grammar. In other cases it’s putting a slant on the news to make it what they want and to sway public opinion. The trouble with the latter is that’s not how it works with all of their readers. And when they try to pull that on some they wind up losing readers who won’t go back.

You can read more here.

Morning Joe Snit

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of TV news show, “Morning Joe,” because I think it’s always been biased, it doesn’t hand out the facts, and Joe Scarborough is full of crap. It’s why I haven’t turned on anything MSNBC related in years now. (if you look at the ratings I’m not the only one.) But I have to admit that MSNBC did something right when they gave air space to Mika Brzezinski, because this morning she actually said what many of us have been thinking, and it put Scarborough in a snit.

She calls out her co-host for his ratings-driven speculative theories about the Malaysian missing plane by pulling the focus back onto *real* news and facts the public needs to hear. But also…

You can read more here, with a clip of the incident.

You’ll also see how a straight privileged man treats a strong woman with patronizing comments and condescending gestures. He told her to “calm down.” I wonder if he would have said that to a male co-host. Or better, Barbara Walters.

Of course it still won’t get me…and millions of others…back to MSNBC or Morning Joe. They’d have to get rid of Joe Scarborough and hand the reins over to Brzezinski for that to happen and call it Morning Mika. Right now, I prefer Robin Meade.