Category: Bisexual Invisibility; The New “Trading Spaces”; Spotify Exec Dies In Stockholm Attacks

Bisexual Invisibility; The New "Trading Spaces"; Spotify Exec Dies In Stockholm Attacks

Bisexual Invisibility

This one is hard for me to comment on because I don’t know much about it. I only have questions.

 According to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission’s 2011 reportBisexual Invisibility: Impacts and Recommendations, bisexual individuals represent the single largest portion of the LGBTQ community.

Although bisexuals make up so much of the LGBTQ community, bi people still remain one of the most under-represented groups in media and culture.

It’s worth reading in full. I know there’s always been a huge discussion on the lack of representation, but I always wonder how many bisexuals simply refuse to come out and say they are bisexual. If this is the largest portion of the LGBT community why don’t we hear more about it from bisexuals?  In other words, do the majority of bisexuals want the exposure? Do they even want the label? Most of the bisexual people I’ve known in my lifetime personally don’t speak about it openly and most live heteronormative lives, by their own choice. As I said, though, I really don’t know the answers to any of these questions.

The New “Trading Spaces”

I can remember when everyone was watching Trading Spaces on TV on Saturday nights. For a short time, it was a staple for some people. It wasn’t a bad show in the beginning…until they started ruining someone’s home with some of the worst decorating I have ever seen. Sister Parish would cringe. 

TLC announced Trading Spaces is coming back to the network, although there are apparently no specific plans of how the show will play out quite yet. More than just a design show, it impacted American culture–particularly that of Middle America, TLC’s target audience.

Here’s the rest. It never impacted me. The only reason I watched was to see if the neighbor would go berserk.

Side note: check out the link to Sister Parish. I promise you’ll learn something about design that you never would have learned on Trading Spaces.

Spotify Exec Dies In Stockholm Attacks

This is so sad to read.

Chris Bevington, an executive at Spotify, was among the victims killed in Friday’s truck attack in Stockholm, the streaming service’s founder, Daniel Ek, confirmed with a Facebook post on Sunday.

“It is with shock and a heavy heart that I can confirm that Chris Bevington from our Spotify team lost his life in Friday’s senseless attack on Stockholm,” Ek wrote.

Bevington had worked with the company for five years, Ek noted in the post. The British 41-year-old had served as Spotify’s director of global partnerships/business development, working from Stockholm.

There’s more here. It goes into more detail about the terrorist attack, and it gets even sadder.

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