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Inmate’s Marble Penis Removal; Popstar’s Outrageous Penis Scene; Big Bionic Penis Made Smaller

Inmate’s Marble Penis Removal

This one is not something I ever thought I’d be reading.

A prisoner in West Virginia has been given the go ahead to sue state prison officials for surgically removing marbles which he had had implanted in his penis. 

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit heard how in 2013, inmate Adrian King was coerced by officials at Huttonsville Correctional Center into giving his consent to undergo the operation.

The judge made note of “overwhelming evidence,” and used words like “unreasonable.”

You can read more about why the prison did this, here.

Popstar’s Outrageous Penis Scene

This is about the story behind Popstar’s outrageous penis scene. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is a mockumentary film that parodies the story of a boy band. This article is an interview with Andy Samberg and other people involved.  

In the dick-reveal scene, Owen, Lawrence, and Conner end up confronting each other inside a limousine. As it unfolds, Connor points to a set of exposed breasts in the window behind him as an example of the relationship he has with fans, and indicates his intent to sign them. But, unbeknownst to Conner, while he was making his grand declarations the boobs were replaced by a flaccid penis, which he still proceeds to inscribe. Unlike in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, that junk isn’t just glimpsed; it’s the star of the scene, continuously cut to over and over, and eventually it gets caught in the car window.

It looks as if male full frontal nudity in movies is starting to catch on a little more. We’ll see.

You can check this out here.

Here’s more about Popstar.  It sounds like an interesting movie, and I’m a huge fan of Andy Samberg. I became a huge fan of his after watching season 1 of Cuckoo on Netflix.

Big Bionic Penis Made Smaller

I think I posted about this guy last year. I don’t remember, but it’s an interesting story anyway.

A guy who lost his penis in an accident, and then got a new one that was dubbed “bionic,” has opted to have the new penis reduced in size. The one they gave him is just too big.

However, when he presses his erection button, his penis inflates to be 8 inches long. (The average size of an erection is 5.57 inches.) The Sun reports that Abad found that “his member was too large and meant sex was painful.” So, he opted for a 3.5-hour surgery meant to slim down his member at the Medics at University College in London last weekend.

There’s more about this one here



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