Category: Billionaire Who Died During Penis Enlargement; Five Excellent Penis Rings; 10 Penis Health Questions; Amish Indiscretion by Ryan Field

Billionaire Who Died During Penis Enlargement; Five Excellent Penis Rings; 10 Penis Health Questions; Amish Indiscretion by Ryan Field

Billionaire Who Died During Penis Enlargement

For anyone considering any kind of elective surgery, this is something to think about. 

When diamond-trading billionaire Ehud Arye Laniado walked into a posh clinic on the banks of the Champs-Elysées to get his penis enlarged last Saturday, he had no idea it would cost him his life.

Here’s the link. It’s very in-depth about penis enlargement, in general. And they do make a point of stating that Laniado’s death was probably not because of the procedure itself. But they don’t really have all the facts. 

Five Excellent Penis Rings

Here’s a piece that goes into detail about how to choose the best penis ring for a particular penis size. 

This one is supposed to be the best for most penis sizes.

This soft c-ring from Tantus is the next step up, both in terms of size and what you can expect from performance. Also made from hypoallergenic silicone, this c-ring is meant to make orgasms last longer (from about 6 seconds up to 45 seconds). 

There’s a lot more, here.  It’s totally SFW, and, there’s even one with a vibrating option. 

10 Penis Health Questions

This article is actually very informative, and they aren’t questions anyone likes to ask. But they are questions people wonder about asking all the time.

This one discusses whether or not a penis can break. 

“When the penis is erect, the [cylinders] are rigid because they’re filled with blood under high pressure,” Spitz said.”If you bend them suddenly and severely the pressure gets so intense that they rupture like a tire.”

Here’s the link to more. 

Amish Indiscretion by [Field, Ryan]

Discretion has never been Noah’s strong point, so he’s not totally shocked when his wealthy New York parents decide to send him away to Amish country for the summer. Although Noah believes his parents are punishing him for his wild indiscretions with men, they believe they’re teaching Noah a lesson in life that will tame him.
As a closeted gay Amish man filled with internal conflict, Filbert’s entire life has revolved around keeping secrets and discretion. Although he’s managed to figure out how to learn about gay culture through a part time job that gives him Internet access and a trusted best friend named Niles, he’s a 24 year old gay virgin trapped in a world that will never accept him for who he is. 

When these two very distant cousins from completely different worlds meet for the first time, Noah makes snide jokes about Filbert’s special cheese, and Filbert throws shade and sass at Noah’s promiscuity. However, as the summer progresses they discover a mutual bond that’s stronger than they’d expected. But is it strong enough to tame Noah’s wild, reckless urges and indiscretions? And is it enough to give Filbert the courage to leave his overbearing Amish mother and the only way of life he’s ever known?