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Looking Recap; Billie Jean King on Russian Gays; Children Sing Gay Hate in UK

Looking Recap

Here’s a link to a recap of last night’s episode of gay TV drama, Looking. I watched, and as usual enjoyed it very much. Julia Duffy plays Jonathan Groff’s mom in a very intense scene toward the end.

Speaking of Patrick, there’s something about his relationship with his mother that I think could strike a chord with many gay men. Yes, there’s all the WASP-y nonsense about the grass and the cake pops, but the scene with the two of them outside illustrated a broader dynamic. We’ve seen the sad coming out story many times before, but what’s interesting here is what happens years after that. She’s excited to meet Richie, but she still calls him Patrick’s “friend.”

I think most of us can relate to this. Older gay men who have been in relationships for years still often refer to each other as “friends.”

It’s going to take a while. Looking has been renewed for a second season, though.

You can read more here.

Billie Jean King on Russian Gays

When I posted about Billie Jean King going to Russia for the Olympics I wondered about how she would reflect after the games. Evidently, she’s not too thrilled with what she saw over there and has a few serious concerns about LGBTI people in Russia.

While there, she met with a Russian teen who is gay and is getting bullied in an atmosphere where an anti-gay propaganda law has led to an increase in violence.

‘I’m worried about the LGBT community for their safety,’ King tells the Associated Press.

‘Basically, it’s OK to hate now and you can get away with it,’ she says. ‘I’m concerned, more than concerned.’

You can read more here.

Is anyone surprised at her concern?

Children Sing Gay Hate in UK

It’s not just gay hate. It’s also racist and anti-Semitic.

At one match between Brighton & Hove Albion away to Wigan, a day after these guidelines were introduced, cameras filmed several examples of homophobic chanting and comments meters away from police officers.

These included: ‘It’s a long way home, you faggots.’

‘Get bumming him boys…Gayboy’ ‘Do you take it up the arse?’

 Small children could be heard joining in with the chants.

This is all part of a documentary about abuse that’s not being reported. Interesting. I wonder how much more we don’t know.

You can read more here.